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Dinamo chasing the trio

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Super Cup: after the victory against Cremona, tomorrow and Friday back on the pitch

SASSARI. Dinamo warms up the engines, sends the first of the four matches of the Supercoppa group to the archive, sees on the horizon the double engagement in Lombardy between Varese (tomorrow) and Cremona (Friday) and has only one priority: to strike the iron until it’s warm. Because metal, like the amalgamation and chemistry of a basketball team, is forged at very high temperatures and under pressure. Limiting the speech to just basketball: now is the time to act. Now more than ever given that after a long and tiring preparation – interspersed with two friendly “suns” (even if Euroleague format) – what counts is certainly the result but even more the response to the demands of the pitch.

Demis Cavina will use the Super Cup stage to test his Dinamo. The victorious match against the decimated but strong-willed Vanoli gave indications, both positive and negative. No one has ever looked for an alibi, but the fact that the PalaSerradimigni, in front of a contingent but rediscovered audience, was the first official match must be ascribed to the balance sheet. The many turnovers make you turn up your nose, some empty passages bring you back to the pre-season dimension, but he has won (at times he is also convinced) and this is what bodes well. The professor explained it over and over again, implying that Sassari for him is a sort of fountain of youth.

The foreign patrol has to run in but it is interesting, with Mekowulu giving Space Jam suggestions and an ensemble that gave the impression of being able to play harmoniously once the instruments were tuned. The test bench, looking for proof (in positive) and corrections (in negative) is the basketball played. Tomorrow at 7pm at the Enerxenia Arena in Varese, in the match between the Gentile brothers, Banco will have another 40 minutes to get to know each other; 50 hours later on the Cremona parquet a new lap and a new race. Nothing easy, nothing taken for granted. The attitude is right. By dint of shots, rebounds of the ball on the parquet, comparisons with the opponent, Sassari will cement the basketball identity of his coach on his solid foundation. Because the Super Cup is an opportunity to get used to winning. Because the championship starts on September 26th. And Dinamo wants to be the protagonist.

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