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Dinamo from hand to hair you have to think about salvation

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In the challenge between two teams returning from Covid the hunger of the last in the standings prevails Worrying signs for the Sassari, who in the second half concede 54 points

SENT TO CREMONA. Dinamo must fight to save themselves, and with this attitude it will not be a walk in the park. This is the sentence issued by the PalaRadi matinee, where Piero Bucchi’s biancoblù were swept away by Vanoli Cremona, last in the standings until yesterday: 89-80 is the final score of a race that started well for Logan and his teammates and then suddenly escaped out of hand.

Covid+Covid. Five players infected between Christmas and New Year for Dinamo; practically the entire roster positive for Cremona, with the hosts who simply had a couple of days ahead of the Sassari to resume working as a team. In short, no excuses for a blow that brings the Bank back at least two months. The disconnect due to more than a week without group training was evident at the start and in many phases of the match, but when there was a tightening of ranks, condition or not, Cremona played as a team while Dinamo did not.

Slap at the PalaRadi. Against coach Galbiati’s Vanoli, Dinamo paid dearly for the exorbitant number of baskets granted to their opponents, who in the second half scored 54 points with exaggerated percentages of 2 (31/48), they dominated by rebound (44 -31) and in the topical moments they have always done the right thing. To guide the fate of the game on the side of Vanoli, was the break of 25-4 placed at the turn of the rest, when thanks to a devastating Pecchia (28 points with 10/12, 9 rebounds and 5 assists) Dinamo was seen suck from 23-34 to 48-38. The abysmal difference in the team’s evaluation, 118-72, is nothing more than the certification of the bad performance of the Banco. Around the corner there are two other complicated challenges: Wednesday in Bologna with Fortitudo, in a battle for salvation at this point even more delicate, and Sunday at the sports hall against Trento.

The match. It is played in front of a few close friends and the start is complicated for both teams, who not surprisingly start their match with 4 errors on each side and close the first period with very low percentages: the 5/16 from 2 does not prevent Dinamo, however. to lead on 15-20. The starting quintet, with Robinson, Kruslin, Burnell, Bendzius and Mekowulu, however, begins to show some difficulties and the race remains open, also because errors of all kinds follow one another on both sides and the game is continually broken up by system problems chronometric. Precisely in this interlocutory juncture, while the Sassari increase the defensive intensity, Logan also signs up for the game and for the Vanoli they are pains: the American guard places two consecutive triples and 6’40 “from rest the Dinamo is ahead 19-27. The quintet with Treier in the center works great and it is the young Estonian who signs the further extension with 5 points, which gives Banco +11, 21-32. Vanoli soon found the counter-moves and at the most beautiful Dinamo melts: the Poeta-Dime axis and 8 consecutive points from Pecchia allow the hosts to go up from 23-34 to 35-36. Bucchi tries to give another chance to Mekowulu, who combines disasters and is immediately rejected, Vanoli extends to 48-38 with Pecchia and Harris. Here another game begins, with Dinamo asking for help from the second lines and giving signs of life (54-50, 64-59) but is systematically pushed back (71-61, 75-64) by a Vanoli who arrives at iron and easy baskets in a disarming way. It ends 89-80, and it is a lesson from which it is absolutely necessary to learn something. Otherwise it will be serious trouble.

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