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Dinamo goes up again Bendzius drags the biancoblù

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Nice victory for the Sassari in the recovery of the match against the Dolomiti Energia Trento Match always in hand but the opponents never give up: the Lithuanian winger bombards

SASSARI. Tough and focused until the end, also good at gritting her teeth in the phases in which there was a lot of wrestling and little basketball. Dinamo wins a very complicated match against an angular and combative Dolomiti Energia Trento, gives continuity to Sunday’s success in Brescia and locks up fifth place in the standings.

A win that is worthwhile. The recovery of the match of the 22nd day ends 94-76 for Dinamo, who were ahead for 40 minutes minus one possession, but had to work hard to get the better of Lele Molin’s team, which in recent days had had a case of Covid-19 in the squad group. The best Banco was seen at the turn of the interval, when the intensity and the defensive organization kept Trento dry for a long time.

Bum bum Benji. Sassari starts strong, alternates the game in the low post with that on the perimeter, is reactive on the passing lines and with the counterattacks of Burnell and Bendzius finds the 11-5. The Lithuanian winger has glowing hands and with three triples brings Dinamo to + 8 (17-9). Trento moves the score, Pozzecco starts the rotations but the extra man is always Bendzius, who with the fourth personal triple reaches 16 and keeps the Eagle at a distance (20-12). The biancoblù defense has a few too many missteps, so when Forray flies undisturbed from one basket to another, it is timeout for the Sassari too. Trento is there (22-20), then a little attention and a nice basket by Kruslin are worth the +6 at the end of the period (26-20).

The garra of Trento. Browne tugs Katic under the eyes of the whistles, Poz goes on a rampage and gets a technician. However, Banco has a big problem of intensity, Trento does not and with two triples takes the match in hand: Sanders signs the hook at 27, Browne puts the arrow for 29-30 at 6 ‘from mid-race. The exit of Happ and the entry of Bilan, who is backed by Treier, change the inertia of the match again: three baskets by Bilan and one by Burnell give Dinamo an 8-0 break and the new +7 ( 37-30). Trento lowers the quintet, Pozzecco raises it with Bilan, Bendzius, Treier, Burnell and Spissu. Two rings of the Sassari player arrive from beyond the arc, but between dubious contacts and great reactivity the guests pull out 9 points from no one knows where, including Morgan’s spectacular triple from basket to basket on the siren, which fixes the score on the 45-39.

The best Banco. After the rest we start again from where we started, that is from a triple from Bendzius, but also from three excellent defenses that lead to Gentile’s bomb for 51-39. Molin’s timeout did not slow down the Sassari, who kept their opponents dry for 3’30 ”and extended the break up to 10-0, touching +17 (56-39) with a bomb from Burnell. The guests hit twice from afar with the usual Morgan, Bendzius is devastating and places the sixth personal triple (out of six). L’Aquila never sees the basket from the area, the match becomes wrestling and the rotations do not reward the Banco, who moves the score with Katic and Treier and finds himself at +10 (64-54).

The last push. Three turnovers in a row arrive, the referees continue to see another sport and a magic by Sanders gives the Bianconeri a -5 (64-59). At the third siren the gap is 7 points (66-59), then Dinamo extends again with Kruslin and 6 points from Burnell (75-61). The road to victory is still long, in fact a moment later Trento is at -9 (75-66). Once again the Sassari answer is up to par: Burnell takes the chair and the usual Bendzius signs the new +15 (81-66). Trento makes a last effort (83-72 at 2’40 “from the end of the match), then the Banco puts the turbo on with Spissu and Bilan, touches +20 (92-72) and allows himself the luxury of sending the whole bench inside . It ends 94-76, but it was really tough.


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