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Dinamo in emergency but on Saturday we play

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Gentile in action against Cremona

Team still in quarantine with three positives, but the home match against Vanoli Cremona will not be postponed

SASSARI. Yet we play. Or at the very least, you should play. Dinamo Banco di Sardegna goes towards the end of the quarantine period, necessary after the positive cases that occurred two weeks ago within the team group.

On Monday the team carried out a new round of swabs and today all the members will be subjected to the verification exam again. In the meantime, the company has not issued any official communication, which suggests that the three positive cases have remained so. The latter will therefore have to remain in isolation, while from Friday onwards all the others will finally be able to consider themselves free and enlisted.

Let’s start once again. The end of the quarantine, however, by regulation, means that the team will have to take the field at the first useful appointment. And so Saturday at 20, barring sensational surprises, the lights of PalaSerradimigni will turn on for the match between Gianmarco Pozzecco’s Sassari and Vanoli Cremona, valid for the ninth day of return of the Serie A championship. time and there seem to be neither the conditions for a postponement, nor for a move to the next day.

The unknowns. In short, Miro Bilan and his teammates will have to return to the field 18 days after the disastrous evening of Nymburk, which most likely cost the biancoblù contagion and with absolute certainty an undeserved defeat. In these days the individuals have worked at home, but the last group training dates back to before the trip to the Czech Republic. Against the Lombard coach Galbiati, who were razed to the ground by the Banco on their parquet in the first leg ( at the PalaRadi he finished 75-95), a team will therefore be in absolute emergency, with three safe absences and the rest of the roster completely “blown out”. It will take a half miracle, then. And if the advance to Saturday represents a further problem, if only in this way Dinamo will gain one day compared to the imminent double away match in the Champions League, Tuesday in Zaragoza and Thursday in Bamberg.

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Bamberg beats Zaragoza. Meanwhile, yesterday the match between Bamberg and Zaragoza was played regularly, valid for the fourth day of the playoffs, the first return. The Germans, driven by an amazing Michele Vitali (23 points in 18 ‘with 6/6 of 3 points) razed the Spaniards to the ground, 117-76, obtaining their first success. Dinamo remain at 0, with 2 defeats.


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