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Ding Junhui missed the biggest crisis in his career and fell sharply in many competitions

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Original title: Ding Junhui missed the biggest crisis in his career, and the ranking of many competitions dropped sharply

Sohu Sports News On the evening of November 28th, Beijing time, in the second round of the British Championships, one of the three major snooker competitions, Ding Junhui, a Chinese star and 2019 British Championship champion, broke out and lost 3-6 to Craig. Was eliminated. Ding Junhui is under great pressure to keep serve in this event. Early exit means that the ranking will drop sharply. After falling out of the top sixteen, he may miss the next many races. There is no chance to participate in the Masters at the beginning of next year. Ding Junhui encounters a career. The biggest crisis in your career.

British Championships upset and stop the second round

Ding Junhui missed a number of events at the beginning of the game and did not make his debut until the German Masters Qualifying Tournament. However, he lost to Mark Davis in his first show and then played in England and won the championship. In the first round of the British Championships, Ding Junhui defeated Zhang Anda 6-2 in the first round of the season. In the second round, Ding Junhui ushered in Craig, who was ranked outside 40.

Ding Junhui was originally thought to be able to easily pass the game, but in the opening stage, his own initiative mistakes kept giving gifts to his opponents. He failed to form a siege twice in the first game. In the second game, he scored two red balls in the long table and could not connect the colored balls. After that, Ding Junhui once smashed one shot after 1-3 behind, and one shot 90+ chased into a 3-3 tie. However, he failed to win the game since then. In the good situation, the low-level defensive mistakes in the seventh inning crashed into the loose balls and missed the game, and the worse performance appeared in the eighth inning. Three times in the advantage situation, three offensive mistakes on the pole were wasted. A good situation sent the match point, the 9th game was still a low-quality safety ball directly to bury the game and finally lost 3-6, stopping the second round of the British Championships for two consecutive years.

The score-guarantee battle was out early and the ranking fell out of the top 16

Ding Junhui is facing tremendous pressure to keep points this season. He has been unable to break through the top eight in the rankings in the past two seasons. He has missed a number of events before this season. In addition, Ding Junhui has not scored too high points in the competitions he played in the 2019 British Championships. The foundation established by the winning £200,000 was exhausted. After the current British Championships, the points corresponding to the two seasons ago will be deducted. Before the British Championships, Ding Junhui’s temporary ranking has fallen out of the top 16. If you want to continue to maintain your ranking, this British Championships is bound to achieve a very good result. Record.

After Ding Junhui exited early in the second round, the current British Championship only received a bonus of 6,500 pounds. After deducting the 200,000 pounds from the 2019 British Championships, Ding Junhui’s total bonus was only 131,000 pounds. 8th dropped 17th to 25th. Ding Junhui fell out of the top 16 again after the 2015/2016 season. Ding Junhui’s temporary ranking is more than 50,000 pounds away from Zhou Yuelong, who is 16th. He wants to return to the top 16 in a short time. Very big.

Fear of missing many events, rankings will drop sharply again

Ding Junhui’s early exit at the British Championships is not a simple event loss. It is likely to have a very big impact on his future career. This season, he may miss many events because of this, and the ranking may continue to fall sharply so far. The biggest crisis.

Under the epidemic situation, the snooker event continues to shrink this season. After the British Championships, the next is Scotland. Ding Junhui wants to return to the top 16 must have a championship performance, but according to Ding Junhui’s current state, he wants It is almost impossible to achieve such results. If the Scottish record is still unsatisfactory, in the next Grand Prix, only the top 32 players in a single season will have the opportunity to participate, and Ding Junhui’s sluggish performance this season is only ranked 67th in the single season points. If he misses this event, he will lose money again. Opportunities to collect points, and this season there will be the first 16 player matches in a single season, and the first 8 tournaments in a single season. Ding Junhui will hardly have the opportunity to participate. Missing a large number of events means the loss of points and rankings are inevitable. The continued decline.

The biggest crisis of his career missed the three major tournaments for the first time in 15 years

After the Grand Prix, the main event is the Masters. As one of the three major tournaments, only TOP16 players are eligible to participate, and the points deadline is after the British Championships, which means that it will be the masters for 15 consecutive years since 2007. The match was ended, and it was also the end of the record of the three major competitions for 15 consecutive years. Ding Junhui missed a major event for the first time in 15 years.

The ending of the ranking record may not be the most important thing. The key lies in the change of mentality. The psychological frustration is greater than the decline in the ranking from the previous top player group. If you can’t adjust in time, you can show the courage to return to the top sixteen. Once you get used to it Being accustomed to missing major events in such a ranking, Ding Junhui may really not be able to return to his former peak state. The 34-year-old Ding Junhui is still in the golden stage of snooker. The older Selby Robertson still maintains its peak. O’Sullivan and Higgins, who are over 12 years old, still maintain their super competitiveness. Ding Junhui has no reason to give up. . Ding Junhui once fell out of the top sixteen and entered the World Championship finals in 2015. This time it will see if Ding Junhui has the courage and determination to return to the top.Return to Sohu to see more


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