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Ding Junhui’s Disappointing Loss to Fan Zhengyi: China’s Rising Snooker Star Makes Waves at Shanghai Masters

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Ding Junhui, one of China’s top snooker players, expressed regret over his loss to Fan Zhengyi in the World Snooker Shanghai Masters. The tournament held several 16-to-8 matches on the 13th, with Ding Junhui playing all 11 rounds in the evening game and eventually falling short against Neil Robertson with a score of 5:6. In contrast, Fan Zhengyi emerged victorious in the afternoon game, securing his place in the top eight players and further establishing himself as China’s “lonely seedling” in the sport.

The match between Ding Junhui and Robertson had an intense start, with Ding Junhui briefly seizing an opportunity to take action after a mistake made by Robertson. However, Robertson quickly took control of the game, showcasing his skills with an impressive 102-point shot. In the second game, both players engaged in a defensive battle, but Ding Junhui’s precision allowed him to even the score at 85:34. Mistakes were made in the subsequent games, but Robertson managed to secure a narrow victory, leading 3:1 at halftime.

After the intermission, Ding Junhui made a comeback, scoring a remarkable 117 points in a single shot, his first 100-over-100 shot in the tournament. He continued to impress with consecutive shots of 89 and 87 points, winning three consecutive games and taking a 4:3 lead. In the eighth game, Ding Junhui surprised everyone with his hitting and knocking skills, forcing Robertson into a defensive mistake and securing the game and a match point.

However, a turning point occurred at the beginning of the ninth game when Ding Junhui accidentally dropped the white ball. This allowed Robertson to score consecutive points, winning two games in a row and pushing the match to a deciding game. In the last game, Ding Junhui’s impressive shot from far away elicited cheers from the audience. Unfortunately, he then made a critical mistake, relinquishing control to Robertson. Although Robertson missed the green ball shortly after scoring, he excelled in the subsequent defensive battles and emerged victorious with a final score of 6:5.

In the afternoon game, Fan Zhengyi continued to showcase his outstanding performance from the first round by winning four consecutive games and eliminating Mark Allen after initially trailing 2:3. Fan Zhengyi will now face Robertson in the quarter-finals. The other 16-to-8 matches saw Luca Brecel securing a 6:4 victory over “Golden Left Hand” Mark Williams, and Robert Milkins prevailing with a close score of 6:5 against Sean Murphy.

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Ding Junhui’s loss to Fan Zhengyi highlights the young player’s growing presence in the sport and solidifies his position as China’s promising talent. Despite Ding Junhui’s regret, fans and enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding of the remaining matches in the Shanghai Masters.

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