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Ding Yanyuhang has been calling for a long time to miss the first show and when to participate is still a mystery.

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Original title: Ding Yanyuhang did not come out for thousands of calls and missed his debut. When to participate is still a mystery

At 19:30 on October 11, Beijing time, the pre-season warm-up match between Shandong and Zhejiang took place on time. This was also the first match after Xu Changsuo took over as the Shandong coach.

At the last moment, the Shandong team forced the Zhejiang team to make consecutive mistakes. Liu Guancen stole the ball and countered the dunk to complete the quasi lore. The Shandong team narrowly defeated the Zhejiang team 74-73. The big suspense of this game was Ding Yanyu, who was away from the league for three years. Whether Air China could stage a comeback debut, but the result disappointed many Shandong fans who watched online. Ding Yanyuhang always watched the game on the bench in long-sleeved sportswear and did not play the game.

During the warm-up shot in the midfield, other Shandong team players all came to the court to warm up, while Xiao Ding was watching from the sidelines with a towel on his head. Xiao Ding’s first show time for his comeback has to wait. Although he has been training with the Shandong team, the fans still have no way of knowing what Xiaoding’s state is. But what is certain is that Xiaoding’s competitive state will be a lot worse than the peak state of the year. Xiaoding once trained in the national 3v3 basketball team this year, but also missed the final list due to status issues. Many Shandong fans look forward to Xiaoding’s return of the king this season, but judging from the injury pattern and competitive state, it may be extremely difficult to regain the main position.

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This game is also Xu Changsuo’s first game to take over as Shandong coach. On October 1 this year, Xu Changsuo, coach of the youth team of Qingdao Guoxin Haitian Basketball Club, officially became the head coach of Shandong Men’s Basketball Team. Previously, Xu Changsuo also had the experience of succeeding Gong Xiaobin as the acting head coach of the Shandong team. As a meritorious player of the Shandong team, after retiring, Xu Changsuo has been serving as a coach in Shandong and Qingdao. It can be said that he knows the players of the Shandong team very well.

From the point of view of this game, the Shandong team continued Gong Xiaobin’s focus on inside offense and defense when coaching, while also showing tough characteristics in defense. At the last moment, Shandong team relied on crazy pressing, causing Zhejiang team to make consecutive mistakes, and then they played a wave of small climaxes and reversed to win.

After the game, Xiao Ding still shook hands with Zhejiang team members wearing a big towel. (The sword wind hits the face)Return to Sohu to see more


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