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Disabled Athletes from Hebei Prepare to Shine at Hangzhou Asian Para Games

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Disabled Athletes from Hebei Prepare to Shine at Hangzhou Asian Para Games

Title: Hebei Disabled Athletes Prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Para Games

Subtitle: Over 30 disabled athletes train rigorously in pursuit of victory

Hangzhou, Zhejiang – With just one month remaining until the fourth edition of the Asian Para Games kicks off on October 22, disabled athletes from Hebei Province in China are leaving no stone unturned in their preparation for the competition. More than 30 disabled athletes from the province will be participating in the games, hoping to bring home glory for their country with outstanding performances.

Despite the challenges they face due to their disabilities, these determined athletes have been working tirelessly to hone their skills and get in peak physical condition. Training sessions have become a daily routine for them as they strive for excellence and aim to outperform their previous achievements.

Zhao Yuping, a talented athlete from Hebei Province, narrowly missed out on the gold medal in shot put at the Tokyo Paralympic Games, losing to athletes from Uzbekistan. With her old rival expected to compete in Hangzhou as well, Zhao is fueled by her desire to reclaim the top spot. She has been meticulously practicing her throwing action, repeating it nearly 200 times a day. “Recently, my performance has been improving,” Zhao said. “I hope that through unremitting efforts, I can win back the gold medal at the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou.”

Besides Zhao, seven other disabled throwing athletes from Hebei Province have been undergoing specialized training under the guidance of their coaches. With the sprint training stage in full swing, the athletes are in good form and eagerly awaiting the opportunity to fulfill their dream in Hangzhou.

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Wheelchair group athletes from the National Disabled Badminton Team have also been vigorously training. Five of the nine athletes in this group hail from Hebei Province. Fueled by their success in recent international competitions, these athletes have been practicing for two hours every morning and afternoon, with some voluntarily training even in the evenings. Despite the physical toll training takes on them, their dedication and perseverance serve as a testament to their willpower.

The athletes draw inspiration from their shared goal of excelling at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games. Yin Menglu, an athlete from Hebei, admits that the intense training occasionally causes her pain, but she refuses to let her disability hinder her ambition. “Sports has given me a chance to be reborn,” she said. “I hope that through my own efforts, I can reach the top podium of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games.”

Amongst the athletes, Zhao Shuai stands out as the only player from Hebei Province preparing for the table tennis competition. Having won two gold medals at the Tokyo Paralympics, Zhao is training in solitude at the National Table Tennis Training Base in Zhengding, Hebei. Reflecting on his experience as a flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympics, Zhao expresses his pride in being a disabled athlete. He takes inspiration from relevant news about the Eighth National Congress of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, further fueling his determination to win the championship at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games.

As the days count down to the opening ceremony, the disabled athletes from Hebei Province continue to train rigorously, driven by their aspirations to raise their nation’s flag and play the national anthem. Each athlete embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination, showcasing the power of sport to transcend limitations and inspire audiences worldwide.

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