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Djokovic beats Alcaraz and flies to the final, now Ruud-Zverev LIVE

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Djokovic beats Alcaraz and flies to the final, now Ruud-Zverev LIVE

PARIS (FRANCE) – Hunting for a place in the final al Roland Garrossecond Slam of the current season on Red earth Paris. Alcaraz contro Djokovic the first semi-final, to follow Ruud will challenge Zverev. Follow her direct of the day…


Novak Djokovic’s words

“Shame about Carlos – says Djokovic – at these levels the last thing you want to experience are cramps and physical problems. I feel sorry for him, I hope he can come back quickly. When we shook hands I told him that he is very young, and that he will win the Paris tournament many times. He deserves all the applause and encouragement. She was hard on him, she didn’t know whether to back down or not, I have to commend him for gritting his teeth till the end. Even at the end of the second set I didn’t feel particularly fresh. It was a balanced game, but from the moment Alcaraz had cramps I just had to control the situation. Great respect for Alcaraz, hope he can come back soon. It’s difficult to maintain the intensity of the first two sets, I had to be aggressive, otherwise he would have been in charge: he’s very powerful, quick. I had to be able to stay there. In the first two sets it was a good battle, I’m very proud to be in the final of a Grand Slam again.”


Game, match, match! Djokovic is the first finalist of Roland Garros

The Serbian closes the fourth set with a score of 6-1. After the first two sets played spectacularly by the two tennis players, the turning point came at the beginning of the third set when the Spanish Alcaraz began to suffer from cramps. From then on, the match was no story. Novak Djokovic will play his seventh Roland Garros final on Sunday afternoon.


Alcaraz proudly shortens: 1-5

The Spaniard wins the first game of the fourth set. Now Djokovic will serve for the match


Djokovic also wins the fifth game

The Serbian keeps his tour of duty, Alcaraz continues to make even the most basic things wrong. The Spaniard is needed to stay in the game.


Another break from Djokovic: the Serbian leads 4-0

The Spaniard is unable to keep the field, the cramps are forcing him to surrender unexpectedly. Djokovic is now four games up


Djokovic goes up 3-0

The Serbian wins the seventh consecutive game: Alcaraz remains on the field for the honor of signing


Djokovic piazza il break: 2-0

The Serbian does not make discounts in Alcaraz by exploiting the precarious physical conditions of the Spaniard


Djokovic wins the first game of the fourth set

With some difficulty, the Serbian manages to keep his serve by canceling two break points in Alcaraz: the Spaniard’s physical conditions appear to have improved after the cramps he suffered in the third set.

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The fourth set begins

Alcaraz tries, and after the intervention of the physiotherapist he remains on the field, at least for the moment. Djokovic is ahead for 2 sets to 1, the Serbian is serving.


Djokovic wins the third set: the Serbian is ahead 2-1

The third set ends which in fact was not played. Alcaraz’s physical conditions favored Djokovic who didn’t discount the Spaniard. The risk of a premature closure of the challenge is real. Djokovic is up two sets to one.


Djokovic makes it 5-1

The physical conditions of Alcaraz don’t allow the Spaniard to compete, Djokovic takes advantage of it and goes up 5-1 without problems


Djokovic snatches the break: 4-1

We go to the field change with the new intervention of the physiotherapist: Alcaraz has lost the last three games – one of penalties – due to the cramps that no longer allow him to run.


Djokovic allunga: 3-1

The precarious conditions of Alcaraz allow the Serbian to manage the game in the best way: the Spaniard is experiencing a moment of extreme difficulty


Game per Djokovic: 2-1

The immediate intervention of the Alcaraz physiotherapist cost the Spaniard a game: the public boos, the chair umpire explains the rules to the spectators. And now Djokovic will need again.


Alcaraz asks for the intervention of the physiotherapist

The Spaniard has a problem with cramps in his right calf, and takes advantage of the change of pitch to let himself pass


Djokovic brings the third set back to a draw: 1-1

The Serbian keeps his batting shift, while Alcaraz reveals some problems with his right calf


Alcaraz wins the first game of the third set: 1-0

The match is hard fought, but the Spanish Alcaraz continues to surprise with the variety of shots he manages to offer.


Alcaraz wins the second set 7-5

An even set between Djokovic and Alcaraz: the Spaniard snatches the serving turn from the Serbian and brings the game back into balance. In recent games, Djokovic’s performance has visibly dropped while Alcaraz continues to play with great intensity


Alcaraz takes up 6-5

After a hard-fought game, the Spaniard manages to keep his turn at bat


Djokovic brings the set back into balance: 5-5

Alcaraz does not take advantage of three set balls, the Serbian goes back upstream and equalizes the score


Controbreak Djokovic! 4-5

The Serbian breaks Alcaraz’s serve, and now he will serve to restore balance to the set

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Alcaraz places the break!

The Spaniard breaks Djokovic’s serve to make it 5-3: now he’ll serve to win the set


Back to playing

Djokovic seems to have solved his problem, and now he’s going to serve


Medical time out per Djokovic

The Serbian accuses a problem with his right forearm and requests the intervention of the physiotherapist: match suspended for three minutes


Alcaraz still ahead: 4-3

A couple of significant errors by Djokovic allow the opponent to easily win the game: the Spaniard leads 4-3 in the second set


Djokovic brings the set back to a draw: 3-3

The Serbian concedes very little to Alcaraz and wins the sixth game.


Alcaraz keeps his batting shift and goes up 3-2

A gratuitous error by Djokovic facilitates the Spaniard’s game who – after losing the first set – takes the lead in the second game


Djokovic equalized the score: 2-2

The Serbian concedes nothing to his opponent continuing to play splendidly: second set in perfect balance


Alcaraz holds serve, applause from Djokovic

He holds the balance at the start of the second set, with Alcaraz holding his serve. For Spanish applause from Djokovic for an ‘impossible’ point won during the game. Look here


Alcaraz-Djokovic, 1-1 in the second set

Like Alcaraz also Djokovic holds his first serve in the second set: 1-1 the score, but with the Serbian ahead by one set.


Alcaraz-Djokovic, the Spaniard starts well in the second set

After losing the first set Alcaraz he reacts well and holds his serve in the first game of the second against Nole Djokovic


Alcaraz-Djokovic, the first set is Serbian: 6-3

Djokovic saves a palla break and keep the service to the benefits in the ninth game, thus winning the first set (6-3) of the semifinal against Alcaraz at Roland Garros.


Alcaraz shortens, but Djokovic goes to serve for the set

Alcaraz holds the serve and shortens up Djokovic, who is now ahead 5-3 and will go to serve for the set.


Djokovic struggles but holds his serve: 5-2 on Alcaraz

Hard fought seventh game on the Court Philippe-Chatrier, where Djokovic saves tre palle break and in the end he holds the serve going on 5-2 against Alcaraz.


Alcaraz reacts and shortens: 4-2 for Djokovic

Back to win a game Alcaraz, that closes the sixth game with a nice forehand passer and closes the gap on Djokovic who now leads 4-2 in the first set.


Djokovic allunga: 4-1 against Alcaraz

After placing the break Djokovic doesn’t let go and keeps his serve in the fifth game, thus extending to 4-1 against Alcaraz.

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Break on Djokovic: 3-1 su Alcaraz

The first break of the match comes in the fourth game: Djokovic places it at the end of a beautiful exchange and thus flies to 3-1 against Alcaraz.


Djokovic made no mistake: 2-1 on Alcaraz

The third game was slightly more fought than the first two: Djokovic still keeps his serve and goes 2-1 against Alcaraz.


Alcaraz responds to Djokovic: 1-1

Alcaraz melts and takes home his first tour of duty without too much trouble thus responding to Djokovic: 1-1 in the first set.


Alcaraz-Djokovic: the Serbian keeps his serve

Alcaraz contracted in this match start, with Djokovic holding his first serve easily and goes 1-0 in the first set.


Alcaraz-Djokovic: we start with the Serbian in service

Off to the first semifinal of Roland Garros between Alcaraz and Djokovic: it is the Serbian who serves first.


Entry into the field for Alcaraz and Djokovic

Nole Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz have made their entrance on the Court Philippe-Chatrier: it will start soon the semifinal premium of Roland Garros 2023.


Alcaraz-Djokovic, all ready on the Court Philippe-Chatrier

Archived the two semifinals of women’s doubles (Fernandez and Townsend beat Gauff and Pegula in straight sets, while Hsieh and Wang Xin beat Melichar-Martinez and Perez in the third) on Court Philippe-Chatrier it is everything is ready for the super challenge between Alcaraz and Djokovic.


Alcaraz-Djokovic, whoever wins finds one between Zverev and Ruud

The winner of the match between Alcaraz and Djokovic will face in the final of Roland Garros one between the German Zverev and the Norwegian Ruudprotagonists of the second semi-final scheduled after the match between the Spanish and the Serbian.


Alcaraz-Djokovic, the path of the two

The semifinal between Alcaraz and Djokovic will be held on the Court Philippe-Chatrier. The 20-year-old Spaniard in this edition of Roland Garros has lost only one set against the Japanese Taro Daniel, then always successes in three sets including the sensational ones obtained against Musetti and Tsitsipas. Only one set lost (in the quarterfinals against the Russian Khachanov) also for the 36-year-old Serbian.


Alcaraz-Djokovic, there is only one precedent

No precedent in a Grand Slam between the current ranking leader Carlos Alcaraz and former world number one Nole Djokovic. However, the Spaniard and the Serbian have already met once in Masters 1000 in Madrid last year, when in the semifinal it was Alcaraz who prevailed in the tie-break of the third set (Today will be played instead of the best of five).

Paris, Roland Garros

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