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Djokovic in Australia, still ongoing hearing in Melbourne

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The words of Judge Kelly are encouraging for the defense, but the intervention of the Minister of Internal Affairs Karen Andrews is still missing. Nole was able to leave the Park Hotel momentarily

It goes for long in Melbourne. The hearing on the Djokovic case, which will have to decide whether the champion of nine Australian Open will be able to stay on Aussie soil or will have to pack his bags and go home, is not yet over and there is talk of an extension until at least 8 pm local time, 10 am. in Italy. Judge Kelly’s long-awaited decision is continuing to slip due to a series of technical problems. The streaming created to follow the day live, in its historical way for world sport, has been skipped several times, forcing continuous stops.

Meanwhile, Novak Djokovic has been given permission to leave the Park Hotel, but only temporarily. The number 1 in the world was thus able to follow all stages of the hearing. the intervention of the Minister of Internal Affairs Karen Andrews, who will present the reasons why Djokovic should be expelled. The Serbian tennis player’s lawyers have filed 11 grounds of appeal against his visa cancellation.

The lawyers

“What more could this man have done?” Judge Anthony Kelly told Djokovic’s attorney Nick Wood. The lawyer confirmed that Djokovic actually could not have done more. The transcripts of the Serbian sample’s interrogation with border force officials and his own affidavit revealed a “repeated appeal to the officers he was dealing with who, to his understanding, without adversarial, had done absolutely everything about he knew it was necessary to enter Australia. ” Lawyers described the no to visa as “legally unreasonable”.


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