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Djokovic starts the new season with his 92nd crown – Sports – ChinaWorks.com

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Djokovic starts the new season with his 92nd crown – Sports – ChinaWorks.com

Original title: Djokovic starts the new season with the 92nd crown

China Sports News reporter Ma Yiou

Won the championship in the first show of the new year, tying Nadal for the 92nd career championship. In the ATP Adelaide competition that ended on January 8, the Serbian Djokovic, who returned to Australia, continued his good form and shocked all challengers.

Although it was only an ATP250 level match, Djokovic’s appearance made this match much-anticipated. What impact will it have on Djokovic’s return to Australia last year, and whether he, who is about to turn 36 in the new year, can continue his strong state in the final stage of last season, are all concerns.

The difficulty for Djokovic to win this competition is not small. Another Grand Slam champion, Medvedev, met Djokovic in the semi-finals. The duel between the two hard-court masters is considered to be The final staged in advance, even in some people’s eyes, is also a preview of the Australian Open competition. Djokovic won in straight sets, once again proving his dominance.

In addition to the victory, Djokovic gained more confidence. After all, after Alcaraz withdrew from the Australian Open, Nadal and Medvedev were the other two favorites for the Australian Open championship. Since losing to Medvedev in the 2021 US Open final, Djokovic has won 4 consecutive victories against his opponents. This time it was a two-set sweep. He said after the game that he can play such a game against Medvedev and really can’t ask for more. The latter bluntly said that he hopes that the Australian Open draw will not be in the same area as Djokovic.

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In the semifinals, Djokovic felt good hitting the ball and won the game with technical ability. In the final, he showed his ability beyond the technical level. The opponent in the final, American Kodak, is quite good in technology, body and momentum.

In fact, it can be seen from the game that Djokovic’s physical condition is not at its best, and his batting feeling is not as good as in the semi-finals, but he finally achieved a reversal when his opponent got the match point. The last laugh in the 9-minute fierce battle.

Being able to win the game in a bad state is one of the biggest differences between the “giant” and the average top player, and this is by no means something that can be solved at the technical and physical level. When talking about the secret of winning in adversity, Djokovic said that no one is invincible, but his determination to fight is definitely the biggest secret of winning.

He also said that the more wins in tight matches, the greater the psychological impact on future opponents. “I think it also affects your opponents more and that’s what I want. I want them to know that no matter what the score is, I’m always there, I always fight to the last ball and I can turn things around. Of course , on the pitch, anyone knows what I can do, that’s an advantage.”

Perhaps this is the so-called background, even if you have talent, it takes time to accumulate. For the fans, it is undoubtedly gratifying to see a dynamic Djokovic restart the new season in Australia, and look forward to him writing more classics in the tennis world.

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