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Djokovic successfully appealed to be allowed to enter the Australian Open, there is still suspense – yqqlm

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Original title: Djokovic’s appeal successfully granted entry

On February 21, 2021 local time, Djokovic in the men’s singles final of the Australian Open

On January 10, the men’s tennis star Djokovic, who was trapped in a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, Australia, ushered in good news. With the efforts of the team of lawyers, the Australian local court cancelled the decision of the Australian border not to allow Djokovic to enter the country, and Djokovic was released from the lien hotel. But the country’s law gives the immigration minister the ultimate power to cancel Djorge’s visa, so there are still suspense in Djorge’s Australian Open.

The toughest day of my career

After the court ruled that Djokovic’s appeal was successful, relevant court documents were also exposed. Djokovic confirmed when he entered the country that he had not been vaccinated, and he had been infected with the new crown twice in June 2020 and December 16, 2021. His legal team challenged in court that the Australian border agency’s decision to cancel Djokovic’s visa was unreasonable. The judge said he thought so too, and then ordered the Australian border authorities to immediately release Djokovic and pay the costs of the appeal. As the news became public, dozens of Djokovic supporters danced and celebrated outside the Lieutenant Hotel in Melbourne. Djokovic then left the hotel in a white MPV provided by Australian border authorities.

Since the moment he arrived in Australia on the evening of January 5, Djokovic has experienced the most difficult days of his career. Items such as Djokovic’s carry-on luggage and personal mobile phone were confiscated after Australian border officials determined the medical exemption documents he presented were inappropriate. After being held at Melbourne Airport for seven hours, he was taken by border officers to a Melbourne hotel for illegal immigrants.

Once escalated to a diplomatic dispute

After Djokovic’s detention incident attracted attention from all parties, it once escalated into a diplomatic dispute between Serbia and Australia, where Djokovic is located. After that, Djokovic’s family held a press conference to reveal that Djokovic’s accommodation in the Melbourne hotel was poor and lacked the necessary training conditions.

During Djokovic’s stay, the medical exemption documents arranged for players at the Australian Open were exposed by the media, and the outside world questioned the role of the China-Australian Open Organizing Committee in this incident. In an interview, he did not give strong support to Djokovic. He only denied that the player was “deliberately misled” on the issue of medical exemption. “There is a lot of finger-pointing and finger-pointing right now, but I can assure you that our team has done an incredible job and given all the information they have given, they have done everything possible,” Terry said.

Australian immigration minister has power to cancel his visa

With the continuous spread of Djokovic’s medical exemption, Australian Open officials and players who had previously entered the country with a medical exemption permit were caught by the Australian border guard. The department confirmed on the evening of the 7th that the third person to enter Australia using a medical exemption permit was an official who had left the country voluntarily. Czech player Volakova’s visa has been cancelled. Volakova did not seek legal aid. She announced that she would give up participating in the Australian Open and has left Australia. So far, the incident has come to an end in a dramatic fashion as the Australian local court made a ruling.

However, Djokovic is not sure that he can participate in the Australian Open. Because under the country’s law, despite the court ruling in Djokovic’s favor, government lawyer Chris Taian said Australia’s immigration minister has the power to cancel Djokovic’s visa. Djokovic will be banned from entering Australia for three years if the minister makes a decision to cancel his visa. I wonder if the Australian federal government will “death to the end” with Djokovic?

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