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Does mixed fried fish make you fat?

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Does mixed fried fish make you fat?

At festivals, at restaurants in seaside resorts but also at home, mixed fried fish in summer is a temptation that is hard to resist. Small-sized fish such as prawns, mullet, sardines, squid, various small fish, baby octopus breaded, fried and served piping hot are a mix of flavors and textures that capture everyone’s palate. It is true that fish is a healthy and low-calorie food, but does mixed fried food make you fat?

Does mixed fried fish make you fat?

To establish whether mixed fried food makes you fat, you need to consider two aspects: the caloric intake of the raw material, i.e. the fish, and the cooking method.
If there are few doubts about fish, because a plate of squid, shrimp, sardines and mixed small fish represents a balanced meal from a caloric point of view and excellent from a nutritional point of view, the discussion on frying as a cooking method is different. Let’s dispel a myth right away: frying is not a cooking method necessarily to be demonized, On the contrary. It can be difficult and heavy to digest if not done correctly and perfectly, but that doesn’t mean it’s a cooking method that is necessarily fattening.

Frying can be a healthy cooking method

Frying is considered by (almost) everyone one of the worst cooking methods for those who want to keep calories under control and is following a low-calorie diet. But in reality, if done well, it’s not exactly like that.
A Proper frying requires the Maillard reaction, which is what creates the typical crunchy crust of fried foods. If you fry with the right oil at the right temperature, and the Maillard reaction is triggered correctly, then frying becomes a healthy cooking method. This is because the lipid barrier that is formed avoids the imbibition of the oil, i.e. the penetration of the fat, the food dehydrates and is therefore more easily attacked by the gastric juices, i.e. more digestible, as well as keeping its nutritional properties very close to those of the raw food itself.

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Mixed fried food makes you fat

So if well done frying can be a healthy, digestible and low-calorie cooking methodbecause the food has not absorbed too much cooking fat.

The mixed fry made not to get fat

But what is a mixed fried food like in order not to gain weight? Above all respecting the smoke point of the fats used for frying. In fact, each fat has a different smoke temperature: EVO oil around 210°, sunflower oil around 120°, peanut oil around 180°. It would be preferable to use oils rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, such as EVO or peanut oil, which normally happens in restaurants where there is usually also the advantage of keeping the frying temperature constant thanks to professional equipment, and being able to fry in plenty of oil, which is more and more difficult at home.rush-food

How much mixed fried food can you eat then?

Explained the cooking method, so how much mixed fried food can you eat? The principle is always that of a healthy and varied diet, so fried is not a dish to be eaten frequently. But on holiday, during the summer, in convivial situations, a mixed fry cooked to perfection and “light” every 10 days is not what will make you fat.

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