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Does Queen Elizabeth have a secret Facebook profile? – Magazine

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The Queen of England in front of the pc

It happens to everyone to receive friend requests on Facebook from people you don’t know, maybe friends of friends, with a vaguely familiar photo. What if this request came from Elizabeth II of England? Very unlikely, yes, but not impossible, at least second Jonathan Priests, a journalist from the United Kingdom always very close to the news of the Royal family. As reported by Priests in an interview with magazine americano US Weekly, in fact, the English sovereign would be on the social network with a private account and a fantasy name like pseudonym. A way to cultivate his most intimate friendships, and, why not, for chat with friends and family.

The Queen’s pseudonym is unknown
The question that everyone has asked after reporter’s findings British expert on the Royal Family is only one: under which pseudonym the Regina do you use Facebook for your private communications? Question that Priests left in suspended, fueling the gossip around the news.

What is certain, according to the expert, is that Elizabeth II does not disdain technology and uses it often. Not just the profile on the sharing platform of Zuckerberg, the English sovereign – according to Priests – also often uses Zoom for video calls. A “passion” born during the pandemic that Regina has also maintained in recent times, to keep in touch with his family in spite of the health conditions not excellent.

Even if from Buckingham Palace have not confirmed the news, the fans of the events and characters of the British royal family could henceforth cultivate the hope of encountering, even if only virtually, the Queen of England on Facebook. Watch out for friend requests, there may be an Elisabeth with the crown on her head.

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