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Dogs at the sea, 5 things to know. How to use sunscreen and reduce aggression

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Dogs at the sea, 5 things to know.  How to use sunscreen and reduce aggression

Rome, 25 July 2022 – Dogs at the sea in the summer of 2022, ecco 5 things to know when we are on the beach in the company of our 4-legged friend.

The guide is written by Giusy D’Angelo, expert dog lover ofEnpa (national animal protection body).

1. A towel also for Fido

“We must remember to bring a towel for our dog too, to protect him from hot sand – D’Angelo is recommended -. The beach is hot during this period. Also for this reason, it is also necessary to create a shadow point “.

2. Sea swimming (where permitted)

“Il swim in the sea it is essential – remembers the dog expert -. Also for this reason, before moving, it is necessary to know if the beach is equipped, because in this summer the Port Authorities provide for many more restrictions. So if the beach is not dedicated to animals, theoretically I cannot take the dog into the water for a swim, there is no access “.

3. Sun creams, how to use them

“They are specific creams that must be prescribed by the veterinarian or otherwise purchased in a pet shop – explains D’Angelo -. They serve to protect the skin as it happens to us, but with different ingredients because obviously the animal’s skin is different from ours. They must be applied before releasing the dogs or leaving them in the sun in the clearest and most sensitive, most vulnerable parts. So around the eyes, on the paws, in the fingertips, on the nose. Then it depends, if the dog has white hair you have to spread the cream all over the body “.

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4. Always carry a bottle of water in your bag

“In addition to bathing the dogs in sea water, on the beaches where this is allowed, it is also important to make them drink – the recommendation of the dog expert Enpa -. I also recommend to put in the bag a sprayer to freshen up our dog from time to time “.

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5. Heat stress

This is perhaps the most important piece of advice. What is the effect that African heat has like that of these days on animals, especially dogs? Since hot temperatures create many problems for people, they affect for example about sleep and lucidity. “Generally, in animals, heat causes a 20% increase in aggression – explains D’Angelo -. Then we must consider that the environment is crowded, with many children playing. A free context where there are no rules. The dog, on the other hand, is a social being, he needs rules. If we leave it all day in a stressful and hot environment, maybe an accident can happen “.

Dogs on the beach, 5 things to know
Dogs on the beach, 5 things to know

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