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Dolomites, Lauria praises the players. “They wanted to forget Cartigliano’s 5-0”

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Renato Lauria on the bench in Porto Tolle

The coach after the success of Porto Tolle. “It was very important to unlock the result immediately”

He expected this reaction from his Dolomiti Bellunesi. Renato Lauria believed and believes in the potential of the team and could not accept to see his players lose 5-0, forgetting the determination and the competitive nastiness in the locker room.

Characteristics found yesterday, on a day where his boys were good at immediately unblocking the match and taking him to port defending himself in order.

“Two completely different games, however, this one and that of Cartigliano,” the coach of the Belluno team immediately points out. «It was normal to be like this and we expected a sort of sporting battle. We both came from a heavy defeat, albeit different in the score, and we wanted to redeem ourselves. The difference was in fact that of being able to break the deadlock. We get three fundamental points, without a doubt, and now let’s focus our attention on Caldiero ».

The technician is then asked whether in the perspective of the overall analysis of the match, the team has done the maximum or if perhaps there was the possibility of closing the match earlier, avoiding any worries in the final.

«Guys, you can’t always want to look at what didn’t work … The team liked the desire, determination and compactness shown. They knew how to adequately interpret the encounter and its needs. We had to play it like this and we played it like that. The boys wanted a comeback, after losing 5-0 in a match dominated at least 50 minutes ».

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At one point, Lauria made four substitutions in two blocks giving up important players, see for example De Leo and Corbanese, with a view to further compacting the team. There was a 4-4-2 from 60 ‘onwards.

“True, we changed as it was necessary to do so. It was creating some difficulties for us to move the ball, especially from the point of view of the race. We must then take into account the period with three close matches, which always require the need to measure up the forces ».

Another theme is Alex Cossalter, decisive in terms of assist and author of a high-profile performance.

«Everyone did well, and if every player manages to make his contribution then we are all good. Then it is clear, the aesthetic effects catch the eye more. But even those who contrast well are equally useful, for example ».

Regarding the injured Lombardi and De Paoli, yesterday in the stands, Lauria explains how the individual situations are.

“I hope they can be available again within a week.”

It is therefore difficult to be available on Sunday against Caldiero Terme. Easier to come back the following week, when the Dolomites will visit Cjarlins Muzane. However, alternatives are certainly not lacking, in terms of players available.

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