Home Sports Dolomiti Bellunesi on the ball: 2-1 against Clodiense

Dolomiti Bellunesi on the ball: 2-1 against Clodiense

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Dolomiti Bellunesi on the ball: 2-1 against Clodiense

Dolomites Saturday! At the Polisportivo di Belluno, the Belluno Dolomites signs the most prestigious victory of his not simple start to the season, extending 2-1 theUnion Clodiense second in the standings. Goals decide in the first half by Svidercoschi and Artioli, interspersed with the penalty that Virvilas saved from Fasolo. In the second half the guests make up for it with the penalty of Calabrese. But the Dolomites then hold on without risking too much and take away the satisfaction of signing the fourth victory in the championship in the last seven days.

Belluno: Clodiense fans light smoke bombs, match suspended


It should be noted that the match was suspended for around 4′ at the start of the second half due to the presence of smoke bombs in the away sector which reduced visibility on the pitch.

On Sunday the Dolomites, which have risen to 17 points, will challenge Luparense away, however without the disqualified Sommacal and Onescu. On Wednesday, however, the 16th Coppa Italia at Zugni Tauro in Feltre, again with Dolomiti Bellunesi – Clodiense.

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