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Doncic 35+7 Paul 28+8+6 Booker 30 points, the Suns beat the Mavericks again – yqqlm

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Doncic 35+7 Paul 28+8+6 Booker 30 points, the Suns beat the Mavericks again – yqqlm

Original title: Doncic 35+7 Paul 28+8+6 Booker 30 points, the Suns beat the Mavericks again

On May 5th, Beijing time, the 2021-22 NBA playoffs continued. The Phoenix Suns ushered in the second game of the semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks at home. After the whole game, the Suns defeated the Mavericks 129-109, with a total score of 2-0.

Overall stats:

Specific score: 28-32, 32-26, 23-31, 26-40 (the sun is behind).

On the Suns side, Devin Booker scored 30 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, and Chris Paul scored 28 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists, of which he scored 14 points in the final quarter. In addition, Mikal Bridges 11 points and 6 assists, Claude 15 points and 7 rebounds, DeAndre Ayton 9 points and 3 rebounds, Biyombo 9 points, Cameron Johnson 9 points.

On the Lone Ranger side, Doncic scored 35 points, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, Jaylen Bronson 9 points and 5 rebounds, Reggie Bullock 16 points and 4 rebounds, Dinwiddie 11 points, Bertans 9 points, Kleber 9 points.

Game recap:

In the first quarter, the Suns quickly exerted force, Bridges made a breakthrough + three-pointer, Ayton made a dunk + jumper, and the home team started 9-0. Doncic turned over and scored a jumper, opening the door for the Lone Ranger. But since then, Booker has scored consecutive points, and the Suns continue to hold the advantage. In the middle of this section, Ayton turned over and hooked and scored, and the difference came to double digits. On the Lone Ranger’s side, Doncic took up the offensive banner. He scored 14 points with one shot from the inside and the outside, and worked hard to close the score. With Shamet’s successful throw, the Suns temporarily led 32-28 after the single quarter.

In the second quarter, Claude scored a jumper, and Dinwiddie stepped back into the net with a three-pointer. Since then, the two sides launched a brief tug of war. In the middle of this section, Doncic made 1 of 2 free throws, and the Lone Ranger was already the leading party. Next, the competition between the two teams became more and more intense. Later in the quarter, Paul assisted Claude to hit a three-pointer, and Doncic felt hot and made three three-pointers in a row. After halftime, the Lone Rangers led 60-58.

After changing sides and fighting again, Booker made two three-pointers into the net, and the Suns became the leading party. Doncic’s step-back jumper hit again, but the efficiency began to decline. After that, Ayton elbowed Powell on an offense for a flagrant first-degree foul. But on the scene, the home team continued to dominate. In the latter part of this section, McGee succeeded in consecutively attacking the basket, and the point difference once came to 8 points. Next, Bronson, Bullock and Kleber scored consecutive points, trying to stop the bleeding for the Lone Ranger. But as Shamet netted a three-pointer, the Suns led 89-83 after three quarters.

In the final quarter, Paul once again showed the true character of the king of the final quarter. He made 6 consecutive shots in half a quarter, and scored 14 points by himself. It was also by his climax that the Suns quickly established a double-digit advantage. Since then, Booker has made three points in a row, and the fire support is also sufficient. On the Lone Ranger side, Doncic also scored 35 points after a driving layup, but it has no effect on the overall situation. In the latter part of this section, the Lone Ranger took the lead in replacing the starter and surrendered. In the end, after the game was over, the Suns defeated the Lone Rangers 129-109, leading 2-0 on aggregate.

Starting lineup for both sides:

Mavericks: Jaylen Bronson, Luka Doncic, Reggie Bullock, Finney Smith, Dwight Powell

Suns: Mikal Bridges, Jae Crowder, DeAndre Ayton, Devin Booker, Chris Paul

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