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Double challenge in Borgiallo. Saturday semifinals and finals

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The two football tournaments (one for five and one for seven players) that went on for two months on the Borgiallo sports field, organized by the Sport Village, will end tomorrow, Saturday 31 July. The semifinals and then the finals of both events are scheduled to start in the afternoon.

As regards the five-a-side football tournament, two matches were played on Tuesday evening: Bar osteria Edelweiss-Yong Boys 3-0; Mautino-Ardun representations 3-0. Partial ranking: Bar osteria Edelweiss 22 points, Mautino 18 Representatives, Fa Istess 15, NewTeam 13, Few but Good 12, Sparone, La sucita d camp 9, Ardun 3, Yong boys 0. In this week two meetings were held for the seven-man tournament: Realcolizzati-Messi male 6-3 and Messi male-Milan 15-0. Partial classification: The Fast pizza and Lunch 18 points, The boys of Bumbunera 15, Messi bad 12 points, Herta Vernello 10, Realcolizzati 9, As Sintomatici, Bertottenham, Milan 7, Mela day 5.

The program of the final phase tomorrow Saturday 31st is as follows: the first semifinal of the five-a-side football tournament starts at 2 pm, the second takes place at 3 pm. The semifinals of the seven-a-side football tournament will be played at 4 and 5 pm. The finals for the first place will follow: at 8 pm the final for five-a-side football will begin and instead at 9 pm the last challenge of the event, with the final act of the seven-a-side one. At the end of the awards ceremony. –

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