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Drama at the European Championships: Eriksen collapses to the ground, afraid for her life

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Eriksen on the ground surrounded by his teammates

Denmark-Finland: heart massage for the player of the Danish national team and Inter who fell ill

COPENHAGEN. Drama at the Copenhagen stadium during the Denmark-Finland European Championship match. In the 43rd minute of the first half the Danish Christian Eriksen, star of the new Inter champion of Italy and of the Danish national team, collapsed to the ground with his eyes wide open, for no reason determined by violent contractions with his opponents. Therefore a sudden illness. Now he fears for his life.

Medical intervention and heart massage for the 29-year-old player. The stadium plunged into fear as the player’s teammates lined up, many in tears, in front of him to prevent the cameras and spectators from seeing the sanitary maneuvers to revive Eriksen.

After about 15 minutes, the player was carried on a stretcher to the locker room. A video fragment circulating on the net shows Eriksen suddenly staggering near the corner flag and leaning forward. The player is hit in the knee by the ball then collapses to the ground with wide eyes, being surrounded by his teammates.

In a tweet, UEFA announced that the Denmark-Finland match was suspended due to a medical emergency, referring to the serious illness that struck the Danish Eriksen on the pitch in the end of the first half. The player was taken to the hospital in Copenhagen, where he was stabilized as reported by Uefa itself, adding that the player is conscious. An image taken while the player is escorted out of the pitch bodes well: Eriksen vigilant surrounded by his rescuers.


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