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Dream Big Night: Brescia celebrates the victory of the Italian Cup

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Dream Big Night: Brescia celebrates the victory of the Italian Cup

It’s time to celebrate the victory at the Final Eight… it’s time for the DREAM BIG NIGHT! A party for all those who want to be close to Germani Brescia and celebrate the goal reached last Sunday in Turin, where the blue and white team won the first Italian Cup in its history.

With the aim of celebrating this incredible milestone with its supporters, the headquarters of the DREAM BIG NIGHT will be the PalaLeonessa A2A, the home of Pallacanestro Brescia, while the date to be engraved in memory is Tuesday 28 February. All fans and enthusiasts who want to take part in the Germani Brescia party will be able to enter the sports hall in via Caprera at 19.00, when access will be allowed to the refreshment area and the Pallacanestro Brescia store, set up as usual at the entrance to the West Parterre.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Pro Brixia Special Company and Brescia Mobilità Spa, companies that manage the parking lots of the PalaLeonessa A2A and the adjacent Brixia Forum, all those who participate in the DREAM BIG NIGHT will be able to use Parking A free of charge. All people with disabled card, on the other hand, will be able to park for free in Parking D, showing the card at the time of entry.

From 20.00, access will be permitted inside the PalaLeonessa A2A, subject to availability, in particular in the following sectors: Curva Nord, Curva Sud, Parterre Ovest and Tribuna Ovest. From that time on, an entertainment program will start which will involve all the participants, who will be able to pay the right tribute to their favorites, also taking advantage of a special area reserved for those who want to get their first autographs signed by the white and blue players.

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The culmination of the evening will be the complete presentation of the team, which will ideally raise the cup with all its fans on the images of the triumph of the Pala Alpitour in Turin. Immediately afterwards, the players and staff members will be available for the participants, who will be able to take pictures and have autographs signed.

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