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Driving license, who risks revocation. Here are 5 things to know before traveling

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Driving license, who risks revocation.  Here are 5 things to know before traveling

Rome, 24 June 2022 – Patentchi risks revocation with the rules introduced by new highway code 2022? (Established in the decree of 16 June number 68, urgent provisions for the safety and development of infrastructures, transport and sustainable mobility).
Ecco five things to know before traveling on vacation. He pressed Paolo Colangelopresident of driving schools Confarch: “Always check the validity of your driving documents. Why, also due to the extensions from Covidsomeone may have forgotten to renew their driving license “.

The decree in Pdf

1. Who risks the revocation of the license with the new highway code?

“The Infrastructure decree – explains Colangelo – establishes that whoever has an expired driving license and more than 5 years e forgot to renew it will have to take one new driving test. The real paradox is that if the motorist does not show upThe patent is revoked. What if that person is sick? From what we understand, there are no justifications. This is why in the next few days we will go and talk about it in Parliament “.

Before, President Confarca recalls, “we went to revise the driving license, then you had to repeat the quiz and guide. From June 16instead, only the practical test is foreseen, to verify if the motorist still has the skills to be able to drive “.

Thus in the text of the decreyo: “If, on the day of the test, the driver who has to undergo the driving experiment is absentor in the case of a negative outcome of the experiment, the license is revoked “.

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2. But the deadlines of the driving licenses remain unchanged?

“Yes – recalled the president Colangelo -. Until at 50 the deadline is every 10 yearsafter that age and every 5, after 70 every three and over 80 every two “.

3. How has the theory exam changed?

For months, the license examination had been reformed, also to streamline the waiting times accumulated with the Covid pandemic. Thus the number of quizzes has been reduced, 30 in 20 minutes instead of 40 in half an hour.

4. How long does the pink sheet last?

This part too had already been addressed in the first decree Infrastructure, the 121 of November which rewrote 40 articles of the highway code. The pink sheet has doubled its validity, from a duration of six months to a year.

5. Deduction of driving license points, how does the communication take place?

The communication no longer arrives at home but the motorist must consult the portal. President Confarca notes: “Of course, if a person loses the points, he must know it, because the report arrives at the house. When they tell me, I didn’t know anything, I am a bit perplexed”.

Driving license and new highway code, pay attention to deadlines

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