Home Sports Du Feng: Before the Asian Cup, there were only 4 players in the men’s basketball team, and the coach had to accompany the running tactics._Game_Process_Team

Du Feng: Before the Asian Cup, there were only 4 players in the men’s basketball team, and the coach had to accompany the running tactics._Game_Process_Team

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Du Feng: Before the Asian Cup, there were only 4 players in the men’s basketball team, and the coach had to accompany the running tactics._Game_Process_Team

Original title: Du Feng: Before the Asian Cup, the men’s basketball team had only 4 players and coaches had to accompany the running tactics

On the afternoon of September 5, the Chinese Basketball Association held an online media interview with the Chinese men’s basketball team. Head coach Du Feng introduced the overall preparation and competition of the Chinese men’s basketball team this summer. The following is the transcript of Du Feng’s interview:

First of all, I would like to briefly introduce the preparations of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Association. It is also because this competition is abroad, so I have no time or opportunity to communicate with many domestic media friends. Today, I have such an opportunity, I will share with you Go and share about all the men’s basketball games this summer, including some gains and problems during the training camp, as well as some difficulties. I hope the online meeting this afternoon can bring you the information you need.

First of all, the men’s basketball team was concentrated in Guangzhou at the end of May, and it has been more than three months since I returned to China. During this period, every player, coach, and staff have been working hard.

So in the process, in fact, the players are also due to injuries. Some students are going to overseas training and competitions, and some players are injured because of this playoff. After the final game, for this surgery, including the second team of China in the season Injuries in the post-match, including going to the United States to participate in a series of drafts, during this process, including temporary leave, and then re-assigning a few players to the process of preparing for the training, in the process of preparing for the training is the coach. , but also because various factors did not arrive in the team in time, which brought some difficulties to the team from the beginning of the preparations, especially when you saw that there are many foreign teachers in this training list. This foreign teacher is also due to various epidemic situations. Could not reach the team in time. It may have arrived in the team around June 10, and then the Australian fitness coach, including the fitness coach and technical coach, is because it is the first time to cooperate, and all foreign teachers are through the preparation training process. , we have a process of mutual understanding and mutual understanding.

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During this process, while the foreign teachers could not be in place, the domestic coaches were also relatively few. Finally, a few coaches were temporarily dispatched to the team to help, because at that time, the physical fitness coach was not able to support in place, and the Shenzhen team was with the Shenzhen team at that time. Two physical fitness coaches were seconded to help, so it was also because of the team doctor’s situation, and finally the team doctor was seconded to help first.

Therefore, from the beginning of preparations for the war, it was relatively difficult for everyone, and they all had to be in place at one time, and the time was relatively short. The first stop is the World Cup window game. In this game in Australia, the team in this game is still a little bit stressed at the beginning. It can be seen that this team is also developing in a positive direction. In the case of being behind by more than ten points, I finally fought back, but because of my inexperience and the reason why I haven’t played international games for a long time, the impact is very obvious. . I think everyone’s game has been recovering.

But when playing Australia, Jiwei started to have a fever on the same day, and there were also some problems. There were some problems in the rotation of the back line, especially after the third quarter, the offense was not handled well, which led to the opponent’s counterattack and the big score. The team lost, but in fact, from the overall process of the first three quarters of the game, it can be seen that the team is developing in a good direction.

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After that, the next step is the process of overseas training. Everyone knows that the entire team faced the biggest difficulty after going to the Asian Cup. At that time, more than a dozen people stayed in Australia, including staff and athletes, and some of the team members flew to Indonesia to participate in Asia. Cup game. At one time, there were only 4 players training with the team. When there was no other way, the coaches, me, foreign teachers, and physical fitness coaches all participated in the running tactics and simple tactical drills. From the association, they quickly adjusted 5 players from China. Fly directly to Jakarta, Indonesia to join the team directly. At that time, although the team did not practice together during the entire preparation process, and they did not know much about tactics, it was still very difficult for the players these few days.

After Indonesia, we all flew to Spain for training. During the process in Spain, I think it is good for everyone to arrange the training venue and the distance between the accommodation and the venue is relatively close. In this process, in fact, everyone is in the process of recovery, because everyone knows that after a serious illness, every player is not only in the process of physical adjustment, but also psychologically in a process of adjustment, which always requires everyone to have good Get fit, and then go back to some normal training. During this process, some players have been repeatedly injured, and sometimes there are only 8 players, and the confrontation within the team can only be carried out 5 on 5 confrontation training.

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Including the training phase in Spain, we played four teaching games, also because at the time it was supposed to be four games against two national teams, including the British national team. However, because of the possible opponents at the time, the situation of the team did not have a teaching game with us, so I found some professional players in Spain at that time, and put together a team to play the game. During the game, I think everyone still has a certain harvest. .

After the epidemic in Spain, I flew to the training venue in Paris, France. I think it may be relatively small. The venue is not a standard basketball court. Because of the limited space and location of the factory, the three-point line and the entire court are also reduced. Yes, during this process, everyone played four teaching games, but during this time, the hotel where we stayed was far away from this place, and it took about 20-30 minutes to travel every day, which was quite tiring for the team members. After training in France, I flew to Kazakhstan. For the last two games, everyone in these two games was actually quite tired, and everyone went to complete the tasks of these two games. Then we returned to China in the early morning of September 2 and arrived at the quarantine hotel probably more than five o’clock. Now we are quarantined in Chengdu, Sichuan as a whole.

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