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Du Feng branded the young men’s basketball team, but the outside line was lost behind the two consecutive victories_Chinese Taipei team

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Original title: Du Feng branded the young men’s basketball team, but the outside line was lost behind two consecutive victories

News on June 17, Beijing time, an overwhelming victory. In the Straits Derby tonight, the Chinese men’s basketball team defeated the Chinese Taipei men’s basketball team by 49 points and won two consecutive victories in this Asian Cup qualifier. In this campaign, Du Feng’s fast-paced whirlwind and oppressive defense created huge trouble for the Chinese Taipei team. These two points are also the key factors for the Chinese team’s victory in this battle. But behind the big victory, the Chinese team still did not find the outside touch.

Du Feng imprinted the young Chinese team. Yes, in the first two games of the Asian Cup qualifiers, the most impressive thing about the Chinese team is the speed. Obviously, Du Feng applied the coaching of the CBA Guangdong team to the Chinese team. Take this game as an example, the Chinese Taipei team caught the Chinese Taipei team by surprise. During the game, the Chinese team staged a three-second or five-second fast break many times, and the Chinese Taipei team could not keep up with the rhythm of the Chinese team.

Not only has the speed, this Chinese team also offered a tight press. In the international arena, this oppressive defense is extremely lethal. In the first quarter, the Chinese team caused 9 turnovers by the Chinese Taipei team. The Chinese team led by 21 points in the first 10 minutes, setting the tone for the final victory. After the first half, the Chinese Taipei team had 15 turnovers. Throughout the game, the Chinese Taipei team made up to 24 turnovers. The data shows that the Chinese team got 37 points by making mistakes and 24 points for the fast break! What about the Chinese Taipei team? Using turnovers only scored 8 points, fast break scored 5 points…

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From the data, we can see the huge gap between the two teams. The height advantage of the Chinese team is obvious. This campaign scored 88 points inside the game; the second attack on the Chinese team scored 25 points, and the Chinese Taipei team only had 5 points. Throughout the game, the Chinese Taipei team did not take a lead, and the Chinese team led by 53 points at most.

After the two group matches, behind the Chinese team’s 2 wins and 0 losses, the biggest shortcoming is that the outside line has not been opened. If the Chinese team’s three-pointer can find the center, it will cause even greater trouble for the opponent. In this campaign, the Chinese team made 3 of 12 three-pointers and made only 25% of their outside shots. In the opening game and the Japanese team, the Chinese team made 5 of 28 three-pointers and made only 17.8% of their outside shots. In other words, the Chinese team made 8 of 40 three-pointers in the two games.

Next, the Chinese team will have a full day off. For Du Feng, it is necessary for his subordinates to find the outside touch as soon as possible.Return to Sohu to see more


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