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Durant Irving slashed and lost again, the Nets desperately need Simmons to wake up – yqqlm

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Durant Irving slashed and lost again, the Nets desperately need Simmons to wake up – yqqlm

Original title: Durant Irving again empty cut loss Nets urgently need Simmons awakening

On October 28, Beijing time, the Nets played against the Mavericks at home. They lost their last game to the Eastern Bucks. The Nets are bound to win back-to-back games. But in the end, after overtime, the Mavericks defeated the Nets.

After the last game, Simmons’ sluggish performance aroused criticism from fans. Even Owen was a little impatient when he shrank on the offensive end. But Simmons still goes his own way, and has a bizarre performance of not sticking to the layup. In this game, he still looks like a player outside the system. Looking at him, he only had 7 shots and only got 7 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. It is hard to imagine that this is the Big Three with Durant Irving.

The Nets’ offense still relies heavily on the touch of Durant and Irving, and other players lack the hard power to score independently. But when the ball is given to Durant or Irving, everyone understands that they need to attack them more severely. This is also the defensive strategy of the Mavericks. Sometimes Durant has to take a step beyond the three-point line to pull out the space. ball.

But Durant still played high efficiency under strict defense, after all, he is used to this kind of high pressure defense. Durant, who deserves to be a super giant, made 12 of 21 shots and 11 of 11 free throws, scoring 37 points.

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And if the Nets want to win, they can’t put all the burden on Durant’s shoulders. Someone must be able to share it for him. As another core of the team, Irving should also step up and take over the game. Although Irving has a remarkable attitude to the game, he is very motivated on both ends of the offense and defense. In this game, he recorded an amazing number of 3 steals and 4 blocks.

Since the start of the game, Irving’s offensive inefficiency has still slowed down the Nets’ progress. Before the game against the Mavericks, his three-point shooting rate was only 21.9%. , scored 39 points in total, and had a giant star hit at a critical moment in the fourth quarter.

Fans don’t have to doubt Irving’s strength. He is the most reassuring key-ball killer in the league, but he should be more efficient in regular time.

In particular, the Nets’ current lineup is partial, and they lack players who can really take on the core responsibility. Nash, who lacks tactics, has no ingenious system. He can only dismantle Duou and lead the team in turn. It is even more necessary that Irving can single-handedly lead the Nets higher. combat power.

Both Irving and Simmons need to do their best when the Nets are in crisis. Irving has to play at a level that matches his price, and Simmons should also show his physical talent. Even if you don’t shoot, you don’t have the desire to attack, so there is always a height and speed to defend well, right?

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But in back-to-back games against the Bucks and the Mavericks, Simmons was mostly played by Giannis Antetokounmpo and Doncic…

The Nets must activate Simmons’ passion for the game. It doesn’t have to be him to be the core of the big package. It’s okay to be a blue-collar worker. At least he must play his due role and use his height and speed to limit the opponent’s arrow character. , that is also a way to share the pressure on the core.

Just like he helped defend and steal Doncic at the last crucial moment of the fourth quarter and assisted Durant to tie the game, this is the Simmons the Nets need.

If Irving and Simmons can get back to normal, the Nets are still a force to be reckoned with in the East. But if not, will Durant be far behind to apply for a trade again?

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