Home Sports During the Beijing Winter Olympics, more than 110,000 on-site spectators won praise for their warm-hearted service_Audience_Venue_Field

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, more than 110,000 on-site spectators won praise for their warm-hearted service_Audience_Venue_Field

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During the Beijing Winter Olympics, more than 110,000 on-site spectators won praise for their warm-hearted service_Audience_Venue_Field

Original title: During the Beijing Winter Olympics, over 110,000 on-site spectator volunteers won praise for their warm-hearted service

China News Service, Beijing, March 16 (Reporter Chen Hang) During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a total of more than 110,000 spectators watched the game live, of which the Zhangjiakou Division actually organized nearly 30,000 spectators. Whether it is the exciting and fierce competition, or the warm and thoughtful on-site spectator viewing service, they have been well received.

As one of the important ways to invigorate the atmosphere of the arena, after the audience of each game in Zhangjiakou Division, “Bing Dun Dun” will walk up to the stands, combine on-site dance performances and interactive games, and make various cute shapes by dancing their limbs. Enliven the atmosphere of watching the game and mobilize the audience’s enthusiasm for watching the game.

A good viewing experience is indispensable to the contribution of the audience experience business field. Spectator Experience is a new business area since the London Olympics, for the largest and broadest key stakeholder, the spectator. The event service business area mainly provides direct services to the spectators, while the spectator experience business area must fulfill the responsibilities of the spokesperson for the interests of the audience, check the spectator service level of the venue on behalf of the audience, and coordinate and solve the problems found.

“I am not only a supervisor of the delivery of various spectator services, but also a promoter of paying close attention to service details and improving service levels. My job goal is to coordinate various business areas to leave a beautiful and unforgettable experience for the spectators who come to watch the game. ” said Fang Hongtao, spectator experience manager at Genting Ski Park.

The picture shows volunteers handing out Bingdundun flags to the audience.Photo courtesy of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

According to the “List of Spectator Service Items During the Game of Genting Ski Park”, the operation team of Genting Arena conducts real-time monitoring of 126 services in 19 business areas, focusing on personnel preparation, facility placement, service delivery, etc. Problems found, timely coordinate with relevant business areas to solve, to ensure that all service projects are delivered in accordance with standards.

Yang Runyu, a volunteer from Renmin University of China, has successively participated in the services of the event service and the spectator experience business field. During the Winter Olympics, in the midst of frequent snowfall and temperatures of minus 30 degrees Celsius, Yang Runyu followed the manager to repeatedly simulate the audience flow, visited multiple venues in one day, checked the audience service level in each link, and carried out audience satisfaction surveys. Find problems and supervise their solutions at once.

During the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Genting Ski Park had a total of 37 spectator viewing units and received 7,089 spectators. The audience satisfaction survey conducted by a third-party agency in the audience experience business field of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee for on-site spectators showed that: during this Winter Olympics, the competition events of Genting Ski Park were splendid, the audience policy was implemented effectively, and the facilities and equipment Perfect and complete, the service guarantee is in place, the epidemic prevention measures are scientific and appropriate, the volunteer service is enthusiastic and professional, the atmosphere is festive and warm, and the audience satisfaction exceeds 99%.

Provide maximum convenience for disabled people to watch the game

The Paralympic Winter Games spectator policy is consistent with the Winter Olympics, and the Winter Paralympic Games provides maximum convenience for spectators with disabilities.

“As an ‘experience officer’, I give full marks!” Before the opening of the Winter Paralympics, disabled volunteer Yang Xu turned into an “experience officer” to test the barrier-free environment of the National Biathlon Center to ensure that the venues can meet the needs of disabled people. spectator needs.

The picture shows volunteers posting instructions for watching the game.Photo courtesy of Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

The National Biathlon Center is both a venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics and a venue for the Beijing Winter Paralympics, undertaking all Paralympic biathlon and Paralympic cross-country skiing competitions. Here, the signs of barrier-free elevators are very standard and eye-catching. The elevator entrance is wider than ordinary elevators, which can ensure wheelchair access; in the elevator car, there are handrails on three sides and touchable Braille on the floor buttons; barrier-free In the bathroom, there are barrier-free toilets, safety grab bars, barrier-free wash basins and other facilities. The space is also larger than ordinary bathrooms, which is convenient for wheelchairs to turn and pass.

Yang Xu introduced that in addition to the further improvement of hardware facilities, the volunteer team of the venue is also very heart-warming. In order to facilitate spectators in wheelchairs to watch the game, the venue has established a mobile mobility team. Not only that, all volunteers of the National Biathlon Center have also received relevant training on mobile mobility to ensure that spectators in need can receive services as soon as possible. “We do not have only one solution, but consider all possible situations. It can be said that I am very confident in the barrier-free facilities of the venue.” Yang Xu said. (over)Return to Sohu, see more

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