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Dybala and a time gifted leave Udinese at the post

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Juve takes advantage of the plays of their 10, Cioffi’s team struggled to get going, thus paying for the long wave Covid

Another defeat for Udinese after the Covid avalanche, this time less clear and away at the hands of Juventus. How much he rusty the muscles can only say Gabriele Cioffi who has felt the pulse of the team for all the last ten days, passing from the positivity that blocked, through the opinion of the ASL, the trip to Florence, to those on the eve of the match ” restored “with Atalanta (there was a ceiling of 12 in isolation) up to that couple of forfeits of weight with which he had to prepare the match of the Stadium in addition to the suspended Becao and the long-term injured, Pereyra. So yesterday there were not even Silvestri and Molina among the owners: to replace them two diametrically opposed choices, dictated by availability. The veteran Padelli, still in goal as against the Goddess, and the 19 year old Soppy in place of the Argentine.

But there is another aspect on which we must focus in order to tell the match in Turin and project towards the future. It’s about defense. The disqualification of Becao was enough to see her in an emergency, with only two elements of the profession (Neuhen Perez and Nuytinck) and an adapted (Zeegelaaar), all owners. The emptiness on the bench, thanks to the departure of De Maio and the still unfinished arrival of Benkovic, considering that Samir also left, yesterday in his Premier League debut with Watford. In short, only the return of Becao and the possible arrival of another central trust (there is insistent mention of Marì of Arsenal) could solve the numerical and completeness embarrassments.

That said, the long wave of positivity was felt, in terms of physical impact, especially at the beginning, with an almost packed Udinese, not very reactive, on both fronts. The offensive one, with Beto and Deulofeu struggling with the classic ball with a rabbit inside, unable to be wisely governed, even by the number 10, one who makes the dribble his strength. But the difference in the score is made, in negative, by the passivity with which the Udinese defense suffers the goal of Dybala, yet another, who then turns to the stands and, considering the only 5 thousand present yesterday at the Stadium, complicit in the limitations for the pandemic, he must have clearly identified the “enemy” Arrivabene, the Juventus CEO who questioned the renewal of his contract with Juventus. From a Udinese point of view, instead, more than the gesture of defiance of the Argentine towards his management, it is interesting that the rearguard went “in jelly” on a simple verticalization on the Arthur-Kean axis which favored the insertion of the little Joya joyful.

After the disadvantage Udinese continued to suffer, only shortly after the half hour there was a call from Beto who, however, yesterday had the mistake of being extremely selfish, at least a couple of times, the first by ignoring Deulofeu , the second Arslan in the second half.

Here, however, Udinese had already begun another chapter. Already, in the second half we saw another look. Perhaps the “Covid rust” had disappeared from the gears, perhaps Juve’s forces were decreasing after the 120 minutes played on Wednesday in the Super Cup, it is certain that for half an hour abundant if there was a team that had to score this was Udinese , perhaps even on a penalty, considering that the referee Giua flies over a sharp pull by Bernardeschi on Soppy, taken by the hair, and the Var Chiffi on 1-0 does not intervene. At a statistical level, in the end Udinese will have 11 conclusions towards Juve’s goal (4 in the mirror) against 9.

It still takes Dybala to close the conversation a few minutes from the end: opening for De Sciglio, cross for McKennie’s head and 2-0 goodnight. But with Cagliari at 4 points (with two more games) and Genoa on the horizon, a good dose of melatonin is needed for a peaceful sleep. –

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