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Earn every penny Manchester City has!Haaland or Messi’s biggest obstacle to rounding up the bonus – yqqlm

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Earn every penny Manchester City has!Haaland or Messi’s biggest obstacle to rounding up the bonus – yqqlm

Original title: Earn every penny of Manchester City!Haaland or bag round bonus for biggest obstacle Messi

On May 8, Beijing time, the “Mirror” quoted “The Sun” as saying that Manchester City striker Haaland still has the opportunity to earn every penny in his contract, with a total value of more than 5 million pounds.

Haaland’s high salary needn’t be repeated, and he has already locked in some additional terms and bonuses in the contract. When the summer comes, he has the opportunity to get more. There is an argument in the British media that he can earn it. Every penny stated in the contract, like he can break every record he can come across.

Manchester City is currently sprinting towards the glory of the Triple Crown. They have the opportunity to replicate the miracle achieved by their rivals Manchester United in 1999. For Harland, in addition to glory, it also means a bonus of more than 2 million pounds.

In the competition for the Premier League, Manchester City currently takes the initiative. If they finally win the championship, Haaland will be rewarded with 1 million pounds. The same is true for the Champions League. They are about to face Real Madrid in the semi-finals. Once they break through this hurdle, there seems to be not many doubts that they will have the last laugh in the final. The prize money for winning the Champions League is also 1 million pounds. As for the FA Cup, they will face rivals Manchester United in the same city. This is also the best chance for Manchester’s red side to prevent their rivals from repeating their achievements. If Manchester City finally wins this competition, Haaland will get 350,000 pounds rewards.

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Other awards are mainly around personal achievements. As the current top scorer in the Premier League, a six-figure award has actually been held by Haaland. He currently has 35 Premier League goals, leading Harry Kane by 9 goals, and Tottenham even only has 3 Premier League games left to play. No one thinks that the British Emperor Star can complete the Jedi counterattack at this time.

According to British media reports, Harland’s contract also includes a bonus of 1 million pounds for winning the Ballon d’Or, which mainly depends on the competition between the Norwegian striker and Argentina’s Messi. Messi led his team to the Qatar World Cup and was crowned, but he may only have a single honor at the club, the Ligue 1 title, and it is unclear which team he will play for next season.

Haaland relies on Manchester City’s possible triple crown, as well as his personal Premier League, Champions League top scorer, European Golden Boot, etc., but he did not participate in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, which is the biggest disadvantage of the Norwegian. Or let’s put it another way, it seems that Haaland is the only one who has a chance to challenge Messi in this award, and once Messi’s next home chooses Saudi Arabia or MLS…

In addition, the PFA award also has an additional bonus, but the amount is smaller. According to the “Sun” estimate, if Harland can get all the above bonuses, the total will reach 5.1 million pounds.

In fact, on top of that, if the Norwegian can really do it all in his debut season at Manchester City, a new sky-high contract will be immediately in front of him.

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According to British media rumors, Manchester City has already intentionally offered this new contract document with both hands. Apart from the sky-high salary, it is not known how far the new additional terms and bonuses can be set…

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