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Edilnol, tickets, capacity and TV: here is the handbook of the rossoblù fan

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Open doors in the halls? It is easier said than done and not just because getting the public back to seeing a match live is a non-trivial step, as demonstrated by the turnout of the first Serie A days and those of the debut in A2. We must juggle the still tight stakes imposed by the coronavirus emergency that also affect a simple gesture like selling tickets. The coupons for Edilnol-Assigeco on Sunday are available from Thursday, but they can be purchased mainly via the internet or at the Kappa shop in via Italia 50, but paying only by debit or credit card. The ticket office of the Forum will be closed, with the exception of the pre-match day of Saturday, from 10 to 13 in the Gabriele Fioretti press room (entrance from the parking lot of the yellow grandstand). Likewise, it will not be possible to buy your ticket on the day of the match. The reason is simple: to avoid any risk of crowding, such as that of a queue – albeit outdoors – in front of the box office.

The fan will therefore have to refer to Vivaticket, the digital platform on which the rossoblù club relies, or to the now traditional counter of the sporting goods store in via Italia 50. At the Kappa the flying ticket office is open on Friday from 10 to 12 and from 16 at 19. The other set of rules to be respected is now almost a habit: each ticket is nominal and personal, as are the season tickets, and the assigned seat is the place to stay from the entrance to the Forum to the end of the match, with the mask well worn. At the entrance it will be necessary to show the valid green pass and have the temperature measured. There are also some limits for the hottest fringe of the fans who got the green light from the Police Headquarters for a mini-choreography with a flag, a drum and a megaphone. The rest will have to do the voice of the fans who have announced that they want to stay close to the team while adhering to the request of the ultras groups from all over Italy who ask for the 100% opening of the doors of the facilities. Edilnol-Assigeco on Sunday will also play with the threshold of 35% of spectators, pending the entry into force of the new decree that raises the limit to 60%, but only from the next one at home with Capo d’Orlando. The maximum capacity allowed will therefore be 1750 spectators. To start the pre-sale of tickets, it will be necessary to complete the calculation of those already occupied after the season ticket campaign: the distribution of season passes was unofficially closed on Tuesday evening but those purchased at the last moment and those intended for members and sponsors who also support the club through this path. The first phase with the pre-emptions had closed over 300. For the final number it is necessary to wait a little longer.

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Meanwhile, the first televised postponement of the rossoblù season is official: it will be the away-derby against Casale, with a date set for Monday 1 November, however on a public holiday capable of giving the game the attention it deserves. The duo ball will be raised at 5 pm and the live broadcast will be guaranteed on Ms Sport, on digital terrestrial channel 601, 814 on the Sky satellite platform or 54 on TivùSat.

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