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Efficient! Sun Minghui scored 25 points in two and a half quarters and was injured by Zeng Fanri’s footsteps_Game_Guangsha_Guangdong

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Original title: Efficient! Sun Minghui scored 25 points in two and a half quarters and was injured by Zeng Fanri

At 15:00 on January 15th, the 23rd round of the 2021-22 CBA regular season ushered in a strong dialogue. The defending champion Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team played against Zhejiang Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team, which is currently ranked second. Foreign aid Weems was suspended for 5 games for elbowing Han Dejun, and he played in the all-Chinese class in this game. Sun Minghui played 24 minutes and efficiently scored 25 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals, with a shooting rate of 60%, and won the best player of the game.

As the starting point guard of the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team, Sun Minghui did not leave too many opportunities for the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team after the start. Sun Minghui released himself completely in the first quarter. After that, Sun Minghui dislocated Yi Jianlian and scored another three-pointer. At the end of the quarter, right wing Sun Minghui scored another three-pointer, contributing 8 points in the first quarter.

In the second quarter of the game, Sun Minghui staged a scene of stealing and rushing over to score with one-handed dunks, which was very shocking. Afterwards, Sun Minghui fought against Zeng Fanri to score high on the board. After that, Sun Minghui made a three-pointer from the left wing and Zeng Fanri fell to the ground. Fortunately, he was not injured. He got up and angered Zeng Fanri. Sun Minghui received a technical foul because of this. Zeng Fanri was convicted of a physical foul for a dangerous move. Sun Minghui hit two of three free throws. Sun Minghui, who had thrown from the outside, made another three-pointer in the last attack before halftime. He was also called for a physical foul. At halftime, Sun Minghui scored 15 points, 6 assists and 2 rebounds.

In the second half, Sun Minghui did not intend to stop there. Facing the tough defense of the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, he used his speed to throw off the opponent and quickly completed the layup, which also helped the Guangsha Men’s Basketball Team to expand the point difference to 20 points again. He quickly scored 10 points from outside shots, and Sun Minghui also made consecutive steals on the defensive end. Later, he assisted Hu Jinqiu to complete the dunk. Because of the big lead, Sun Minghui also clocked in and got off work ahead of schedule.

Looking at the whole game, Sun Minghui lost points as long as Guangsha scored on the court. Sun Minghui scored 25 points + 3 rebounds + 7 assists in the two and a half quarters of the game. Facing the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team With a high level of defense, Sun Minghui was also on the court as if he was looking for something. His outstanding performance in this key game helped Guangsha establish a huge lead early on. In the end, Sun Minghui also deservedly won the best player of the game.

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