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Eintracht Frankfurt in Naples: Violence breaks out again at the team hotel

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Eintracht Frankfurt in Naples: Violence breaks out again at the team hotel
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Violence broke out again at night at the team hotel

“Guerrilla War” – Here Frankfurt hooligans devastate downtown Naples

Burnt out cars, devastated streets: downtown Naples is like a field of rubble after the day of the hooligan riots. The situation escalated even before the game. Italian media speak of a guerrilla war.

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Champions League game in Naples is accompanied by excess violence. Fans of both camps continue the street battles into the night. The day after, those responsible for Eintracht made a statement.

Dhe police had only just ended the last riots with a large contingent when the disappointed professionals from Eintracht Frankfurt drove up to their team hotel accompanied by a blue light escort after the crashing end in the Champions League. The violent circumstances surrounding the 0:3 defeat in the round of 16 second leg at the Italian top club SSC Naples formed an unworthy framework for the end of the premiere season of the Bundesliga soccer club in the premier class and will keep the Hessians busy for some time.

“We deeply regret the events that have taken place here. There is absolutely nothing to justify this violence. We may have all feared it, but it is and will not be acceptable,” said Frankfurt board member Philipp Reschke on Thursday morning before the team left.

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The violence that erupted in street battles surrounding Wednesday night’s game had far-reaching repercussions. “It harms football, it harms Eintracht Frankfurt and it harms our efforts to stand up for the rights of all fans, who would have liked to see a football game here without repression and decrees in the stadium,” emphasized Reschke.

Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner also expressed his displeasure at the serious riots. “I condemn all forms of violence and crime. No matter where and when this happens in the world. That’s why I don’t approve of it,” said the 48-year-old.

Street battles with the police

Shortly before midnight, violence broke out again around the team’s accommodation. According to the police, around 100 Naples supporters had tried to get to the neighboring hotel, where a few hundred ultras from Frankfurt had stayed and were preparing to leave by bus. The Napoli ultras lit firecrackers and threw stones at the emergency services.

A burning police car on the streets of Naples

A burning police car on the streets of Naples


Already on Wednesday afternoon, the fans of both teams had fought street battles with the police in the city center. “Of course we saw that. It’s not a thing that belongs here. We cannot approve of that,” Frankfurt’s sports director Markus Krösche criticized the incidents, which also left their mark on the players. “You get that, but I don’t want to talk about it,” said Captain Sebastian Rode.

Reschke, who is responsible for fan issues, did that. The police have confirmed to the club that the attack in the city came from Naples fans. “But even that doesn’t justify the potential for violence that erupted on both sides,” said the 50-year-old.

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However, Reschke also criticized the Italian security authorities, who had contributed to the escalation with the previously issued ticket ban for Eintracht fans. This alienated thousands of followers and poisoned the already tense atmosphere. “Everything was prepared and organized, from the fan meeting point to the transports, etc. This order was exchanged for improvisation and chaos,” said Reschke. “It doesn’t justify anything, but it’s part of the story.”

A total of eight arrests

Normally, the Frankfurt pros would have been celebrated by their supporters for their premiere season in the premier class, regardless of the elimination. But the guest block in the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium remained empty because of the ban on the sale of tickets to Eintracht fans imposed by the Naples Prefecture. But there were a few hundred ultras in the city on Vesuvius, who simply didn’t care about football.

According to the police, two officers were injured in the riots. Three Eintracht fans were arrested during the night. There were a total of eight arrests, police chief Alessandro Giuliano reported at a press conference.

Eintracht has once again suffered damage to its image, although the club has nothing to reproach itself for in terms of sport. “Naples was a size too big. That’s why I can accept the defeat with a clear conscience,” said Glasner about the end and praised: “I’m proud of what the team did in the Champions League. We did great.”

In the coming weeks, the recently weakening Europa League winner wants to tighten up again in order to make renewed participation in the international competition perfect. There is a chance to do so in both the Bundesliga and the DFB Cup. “It’s great to experience such football evenings. We want to crown and gild the season.”

Krösche is confident that this will succeed. “The end is no crack,” he prophesied. The team simply reached their limit against Naples. “We accept that,” emphasized the sports director. Glasner also classified the knockout realistically: “I would have liked it to have been different and would have been there up to the final. But we can’t play at this level yet.”

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