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El Azzouzi as Djorkaeff, save the soldier Ballardini, Coppola opens the door to a World Champion

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El Azzouzi as Djorkaeff, save the soldier Ballardini, Coppola opens the door to a World Champion

33 days of A league are enough and more than enough to consecrate theInter at the top of the mountain, the Nerazzurri looking at everyone from top to bottom. The Inter fans win the sixth derby in a row, but this is the vital one for the city’s dominance. Twenty Scudetti, two stars and the psychodrama of the Rossoneri fans who pay for the ticket to witness the cousins’ triumph. According to many, the night of April 22, 2024 is comparable to that of the Treble.

Tortellini made with love

If the eyes of the world were all on the Giuseppe Meazza of Milan, a few hours before however Bologna of genius Thiago Motta he enraptured Italy’s football team and surprised an Olympic Stadium that was hoping for a different afternoon. The Bolognese win 3-1 at home From Rossi, El Azouzi opens the ball with a sticker album stunt, the Moroccan international’s goal could be included in next year’s Bologna season ticket as happened with the goal of a certain Youri Djorkaeff right against it Roma years and years ago, he was in goal Cervone. If El Azzouzi opens the ball, the tulip Circus continues to jump between the Giallorossi defenders, the Dutchman goes on his own and mocks the Roma goalkeeper. The ball crosses the line and the referee after a few seconds of patos points to the midfield line, the 0-2 at the end of the first half is a verdict. The perfectly written and acted script indicates the right path Azmoun which puts the coronaries of the Roma fans to the test, but then swells the net from just a few steps away. Seasoned football fans are already preparing to comment on the Giallorossi draw, but like in fairy tales Saele makers he appears all alone in front of the goalkeeper, the lob is a work of art that sets the goal for the third goal. Three points as tasty as a plate of tortellini made with love, Motta thanks and the Champions League It no longer seems like just a dream.

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El Azzouzi’s goal against Roma (Ph Il Resto del Carlino)

Sergeant’s ranks

When he arrived on the Sassuolo bench, many were sure that Ballardini would have saved what could be saved, but the heavy defeat (0-3) at home against Lecce she looks like she could be the decisive one for the team’s fate. Senseless match, where the Sassuolo he gives up too soon, leaving the Apulians the joy of moving towards comfortable ranking positions. The neroverdi remain -2 from the safety quota for now stuck at 28 points, but at this rate fourth from last place becomes a chimera. The Sergeant Ballardini he remains on the wagon without caring who gets on and who gets off, meanwhile from tomorrow the team will be in training camp in Florence and the goal of salvation remains the only important thing in an unfortunate season. If Sassuolo doesn’t make it, someone will take away the Sergeant’s ranks, at which point save the soldier Ballardini will become the title of a new film.

The God Ballardini – Ph Telenord

Baroni ecstatic, Cioffi leaves the bench to Cannavaro

Hellas Verona-Udinese is the classic goalless battle, when 0-0 seems to be the result already written Coppola ruins the Friulian party, a point against the Bentegodi was certainly not to be thrown into the recycling bin together with the bad thoughts of ending up in Serie B. A goal in the 93rd minute sends Baroni to heaven, while Cioffi is already aware that a World Champion will take his place in a few hours. The technician ofUdinese he is sacked and the club announces a lively move Fabio Cannavaro on the first A bench, the objective is to avoid relegation to Udinese. Verona, on the other hand, takes the lead with 31 points, +3 from the red zone.

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Fabio Cannavaro lifts the World Cup in the magical final in Berlin

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