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Electric cars: Switzerland could restrict their circulation

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Electric cars: Switzerland could restrict their circulation

The contingency plan presented by the Swiss government would provide for the shutdown of private electric cars if the worsening energy crisis

Switzerland could limit the use of personal electric cars this winter unless there is a proven need. This is one of the most discussed measures contained in the emergency plan that the Swiss government has presented which is aimed at countering possible electricity cuts in the worst-case scenario. The Confederation finds itself involved in the continental energy crisis, exacerbated by the conflict in Ukraine and for this reason still far from a visible solution in the short term. Although the situation is certainly sensitive, the representatives of the cantons let it be understood that the plan was developed with the intention of anticipating any scenario and applying an adequate response according to the level of emergency. At the moment, therefore, the conditions do not exist for a block on private electric cars to limit citizens’ freedom of movement.

Energy Request

Swiss planning is a precautionary measure in the face of growing uncertainties and tensions. The country on the other side of the Alps is very attentive to its energy needs and among the most virtuous from the point of view of sustainable electricity production. 60% of the national demand is in fact satisfied by the numerous hydroelectric plants which, located along the Alps, exploit the reservoirs of water. The rest is imported with a variable quota between 25% and 30% from France and Germany. Above all, it is the internal difficulties of the two large European countries that have required the development of an emergency plan, should imports be limited or completely blocked. The ban on the circulation of electric cars is a very drastic measure because in 2022 electric cars account for 2.3% of total sales in Switzerland. In detail, the top five most successful cars are: Skoda Octavia, Tesla Model Y, Volkswagen Tiguan, Tesla Model 3, Volkswagen Golf. The two electric cars in the standings confirm the increasing trend of low-emission cars, even if they are far from representing the majority of the fleet on the road. However, the use of medium and high-intensity electricity columns could compromise energy security which, in the event of very serious difficulties, should above all protect families and businesses.

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