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Elena Del Pozzo, the mother replied to the judge. Latest news from Catania – breaking latest news

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Elena Del Pozzo, the mother replied to the judge.  Latest news from Catania – breaking latest news

Catania, 17 June 2022 – It is a key day in the story of the little girl Elena del Pozzothe 5-year-old girl killed by madrewho first staged the kidnapping of his daughter then confessed to herhomocide. In fact, theinterrogation warranty from Martina Patti: the judge for the preliminary investigations is called to decide on the validation of the arrest. In the end, the 23-year-old answered the questions of the investigating judge, who according to her lawyer would have reserved the decision. “She is not in a serene state of mind – the lawyer Gabriele Celesti said to reporters this morning -. We will see if she talks about her. She is very tried and when she talks about her, her daughter is overwhelmed by emotion and she cries”. The defense is preparing to ask for the psychiatric report: “We will investigate the case with a specialist to see if there are any psychiatric findings that may have influenced the fact”. This is Antonino Terranova.

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Elena del Pozzo, the father: “Martina is a monster, it was premeditated murder”

The motive

The prosecutor hypothesized the crime of multiple and premeditated murder e corpse concealment. But on premeditation the defense could oppose. Many aspects of this tragic story remain to be clarified. Meanwhile, the motive: there was talk of the jealousy that the suspect would have felt towards the ex-partner, who had by now rebuilt another life, and of the relationship that his new partner would have had with Elena. But during the first interrogation in the barracks, Martina Patti was vague: “I don’t know why I did it, I wasn’t in me”, she told the investigators. “She was like she was clouded – Celesti had told – she acted as if pushed by supernatural forces.”

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Where did the crime take place?

The Carabinieri of the Ris of the provincial command of Catania will carry out the surveys today in the home of Martina Patti: they will serve to clarify the place of the crime. In fact, it is not clear whether Elena was killed in homein Mascalucia, or in the campagna abandoned where the woman had the little girl’s body found, contained in several black plastic bags.

The yellow of the weapon

L’arma of the crime has not yet been found. The little girl was allegedly killed with a knife: her body had in fact wounds compatible with a kitchen knife. Patti has not provided any information in this regard.

Does Martina have accomplices?

Another point: any accomplices. It is not excluded that Martina was helped in dragging the body up to place of discovery. It ‘sa lead that is beaten “just to be excluded”, said one of the investigators. It would therefore only be a “due act”.

The autopsy

The date of the academic year has not yet been setutopia which will tell a lot about how and where Elena was killed. Unlike the news circulated yesterday, today the task will be given to the experts but the examination will not be carried out.

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