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Elisabetta Franchi, her company condemned: anti-union behavior – breaking latest news

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Elisabetta Franchi, her company condemned: anti-union behavior – breaking latest news

Bologna, 13 May 2022 – Ended up in the sights of the controversy for declaring not to hire women under 40 in executive roles, now the stylist Elisabetta Franchi it was convicted of anti-union conduct. The Labor Court of Bologna (judge Chiara Zompi), censured the behavior of the entrepreneur, owner of the company Betty Blue, who had threatened sanctions against a group of workers, all women, who, after the proclamation of a state of agitation by of Filcams-Cgil, they had refused to work the overtime requested by the company to cope with some production peaks.

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The dispute dates back to 2020, when, faced with the company’s request to work more and more overtime hours, the union opposes it. The designer’s firm, through the production manager, insists, asks to work on Saturdays to clear up the backlog and warns that, against “those who will not be present, the company will take appropriate disciplinary measures”. The tug-of-war continues over the months and a state of agitation starts with the block of overtime. In the meantime, however, the first disciplinary proceedings had begun against eight workers, for not having carried out the scheduled overtime.

We arrive at 8 April last: the union therefore turns to the Labor Court, which recognizes the legitimacy of Elisabtta Franchi’s company to ask for overtime work within the limit of the hours allowed by the national contract, but Betty Blue bar for the sanctions imposed (in reality then not carried out) to workers on strike, recognizing their “intimidating” character. The judge writes: “The repeated elevations of disciplinary disputes against a group of workers who had already expressed their willingness to join the state of agitation promoted by the applicant union constitutes, in itself, intimidating behavior and evidently aimed at discouraging adhesion of employees to the overtime strike, legitimately proclaimed. Therefore, anti-unionism of the aforementioned conduct must be declared “. The sentence concerns letters sent on 23 and 25 November 2021 and on 8 April 2022. Now the CGIL is asking for the confrontation to be reopened

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