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Emilia Romagna weather, sudden bad weather: whirlwind in Piacentino, one dead

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Emilia Romagna weather, sudden bad weather: whirlwind in Piacentino, one dead

Bologna, 5 July 2022 – Sudden bad weather hits Emilia Romagna. A man died under the wall of a stable collapsed for the violent whirlwind which broke down in Piacentino just before 8pm. It happened on a farm in Besenzone, in the Bassa between Parma and Piacenza. Firefighters are working on the spot and 118 intervened.

Bad weather, a man died in Piacentino in the collapse of a barn wall (Ansa)

In the lower Reggio area the wind, which reached 70 km / h caused the fall of large trees in Cadelbosco Sopra, in Lentigione di Brescello (with damage to a parked car), in Correggio (on the road to Reggio), in Poviglio (in the via Romana area), up to the Guastalla area, where a plant blocked the road between via Ville and Cispadana, in San Martino, ending up on the telephone line cables.

Short but intense thunderstorms in the rest of the region: around 20 a shower overwhelmed Bologna, but no hail. Water bomb in Bolognina (video). In the Bolognese area affected in particular by hail Minerbio and Trebbo di Reno. In province of Parmathunderstorms, hail and lightning.

Rain and thunderstorms in Emilia Romagna
Rain and thunderstorms in Emilia Romagna

Modena. Bad weather has hit the area of ​​the province a north of the Via Emilia. Mostly damage caused by strong winds with felled trees and coverings of fembricated uprooted. About ten fire brigade teams are operating on the spot. THE lightning also caused some fires in the fields largely extinguished by the rain, a fire spread in a field in Finale Emilia and an open-air hay depot in Novi di Modena. In both teams of firefighters at work for extinguishing.

Councilor Irene Priolo: “Let’s monitor the situation”

The regional civil protection and the fire brigade are operational in the territories crossed by bad weather to check the damage. “We immediately took action to monitor the situation and intervene where necessary, an activity that we will continue in the next few hours”, says the regional councilor for Civil Protection, Irene Priolo. “Unfortunately – concludes Priolo – we learned that a person lost his life in Besenzone, due to the collapse of a wall of a farmhouse”. The storm that hit the Piacenza area was formed after 18.00, in the Apennines, and then moved to Piacenza at 18.45, with rain and hail. Then the storm cell moved eastwards, affecting Firenzuola, Fidenza, Fontanellato.

At the hospital of Fiorenzuola, always in the Piacenza areathe wind has unhinged several sheets of a false ceiling, without causing harm to people. The necessary checks are underway.

Weather forecast day by day

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