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Empoli-Napoli (1-0) – Scattered Considerations

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Empoli-Napoli (1-0) – Scattered Considerations

Napoli continues to revive the battle for survival, however neglecting the battle for Europe: Cerri is enough for Empoli.

It happens in Empoli-Napoli All in the first few minutes: four are enough for Cerri to find the net which is worth three fundamental points for the Tuscan team. An appointment, that of the Juventus school center forward with the marking in the top Serie A championship, which had been missing since April 2021, when with the Cagliari shirt he effectively certified Parma’s relegation to Serie B. To give an idea of ​​the exceptional nature of the event: the stadiums were empty, masks were still mandatory, the pandemic was still an everyday problem.

As for the cold news, the game can essentially be said to be over here: the afternoon in Empoli offered few other emotions or events worthy of note, apart from the injury of Cerri himself, whose match ended after 17 minutes. A sign of how desolate Napoli’s afternoon was: with an entire match available to straighten out a match that is still important from a European perspective, essentially Napoli he was unable to offer even the slightest reaction. Like a catatonic patient, deaf to any stimulus and incapable of expressing even the most basic reflexes, Calzona’s team simply let your destiny be fulfilled.

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On the contrary, Empoli doesn’t give up and finds, for the first time in the season, the second consecutive home victory. Nicola, as we know, is a master at finding nervous energy in disintegrating groups even in the most disparate situations, and today he gives further proof of his magical touch. The match is a compendium of football as a small team fighting for salvation: conceded a goal and then a five-man defense in line, orderly, at ease in the dirty and trench game.

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A trench that, in reality, it wasn’t even necessary to build: Napoli is in fact harmless, as if it had been sent to war but armed only with toy guns. One piece of data in particular certifies how merciless the offensive phase of the Azzurri is, even though it had shown very timid signs of recovery: in the first half Napoli had 71% of ball possession, however, he produced only one shot, compared to 6 for the hosts.

A Napoli that, at least, revives the fight for salvation and, after the point conceded to Frosinone, the 3 arrive who do well for Empoli and mess up the games at the back. It’s a shame that the race that should be of interest to the Neapolitans is that of European qualification, which after today moves even further away, even the more modest Conference League. But, on the other hand, a team that systematically concedes the same goal, against which you just need to know how to cross towards the center of the area to hit with confidence, it doesn’t deserve any prestigious achievement.

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