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Encirclement Ke Jie leads to block leader Chengdu 3-1 Luoyang returns to the top of the list

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Original title: Wei Jia Ke Jie led the blocking leader Chengdu team 3-1 Luoyang back to the top

On September 26, Beijing time, the third stage of the 2021 Chinese Go League A will continue to be held in Changxing. At the end of the 12th round today, the main player Ke Jie defeated Gu Zihao and helped the Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team 2-2 win the leader Jiangxi. The second-ranked Chengdu team beat Luoyang 3-1 to return to the top of the standings. . The Supor Hangzhou team defeated the Beijing Chess Academy 2-2 this round, and the team continued to rank third in the standings.

One of the focus of this round is the contest between the Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team and the Jiangxi team, which is ranked first. Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team’s South Korean foreign aid Bian Xiangyi defeated the opponent’s Liu Qifeng. Although the other two Jiangxi teams won, in the end Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team relied on Ke Jie’s outstanding performance to defeat Jiangxi 2-2. After this round, the Jiangxi team fell to second place, and the Minsheng Credit Card Beijing team ranked fourth with 25 points. At present, it maintains the hope of reaching the top spot in the regular season.

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team defeated Luoyang Yuquangu 3-1 in this round, the first Chengdu team internal aid Tu Xiaoyu defeated Ye Changxin, the second Chengdu team South Korean foreign aid Park Tinghuan defeated Hu Yuhan, and the third Taiwan fast chess match Chengdu team Liao Yuanhe lost. Zhou Hexi, the fourth Chengdu team world champion Dang Yifei defeated Huang Chunhui of the opposing team. After this round, Chengdu team and Jiangxi team scored 28 points, but Chengdu team won 33 rounds and Jiangxi team 32 rounds. As a result, Chengdu team surpassed Jiangxi team to return to the top of the standings.

Supor Hangzhou team beat Beijing Chess Academy 2-2 in this round, the first Li Qincheng fast chess game beat Chen Yaoye, the second South Korean foreign aid Shen Zhenzheng champion Guo Xinyi, the other two games of Supor Hangzhou team’s Lian Xiao and Xie Ke respectively Lost to the opponent’s Han Yizhou and Huang Xin. Long Yuanmingcheng Hangzhou team defeated Tianjin 2-2 this round, Long Yuanmingcheng Hangzhou’s first South Korean foreign aid Li Dongxun defeated Xie Erhao, the main battle Long Yuanmingcheng Hangzhou team’s Ding Hao defeated Tianjin team’s world champion Tang Weixing .

In other competitions in this round, the Tibet team 2-2 the main player loses the Quzhou Lanke Chess Academy team, the Shanghai Jianqiao College team 2-2 the main player wins the Shenzhen Longhua team, the Chongqing team 2-2 the main player wins the Zhejiang Sports Lottery team, and the Jiangsu team 3-1 wins Rizhao team. Currently, Tibet and Luoyang rank the last two in the standings with 7 points. In this round of seven games played by foreign aid from South Korea, South Korean players achieved a record of 4 wins and 3 losses. (Red)

South Korea’s foreign aid record in the 12th round of the siege

Bian Xiangyi wins Liu Qifeng

Park Tinghuan Sheng Hu Yuhan

Shen Zhenzhen wins Guo Xinyi

Li Dongxun beats Xie Erhao

Jiang Dongyun Negative Jung Jiaxi

Jin Zhixi and Chen Zijian

Shen Min Min loses Wang XinghaoReturn to Sohu to see more


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