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End of an era at Fisi Veneto, Roberto Visentin is the new president

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End of an era at Fisi Veneto, Roberto Visentin is the new president

The new board of the Fisi Veneto

Plebiscite for the Treviso, clear defeat of Nicola De Martin. Bortoluzzi also out of the board after 26 years


The end of an era. The presidency of Roberto Bortoluzzi at Fisi Veneto ends after twenty-six years, which yesterday morning in Vittorio Veneto chose in a drastic change of course, electing the Treviso-born Roberto Visentin as head of winter sports in the region.

A real debacle for the opposing list, with Bortoluzzi inside. The Comelian Nicola De Martin, in fact, scored only 31 per 100 of the votes, against 68.39 of the new winner.

And with such a plebiscite, all of De Martin’s men are left out of the board, including Bortoluzzi, who seemed very disappointed and disappointed with the outcome of the vote.

It was a very participatory assembly (80 percent turnout), which saw the federal president Flavio Roda in the role of president of the works.

In addition to President Visentin, the new council will be composed of: Federica Monti, Michele Tommasi, Davide Pettini, Celso Chenet, Vittorio Dal Vecchio, Andrea Ciriotto and Davide Alverà (lay councilors), Federica Ruzzante and Vittorio Sovilla (representing the athletes), Giulia Gianesini (representing the technicians). The president of the board of auditors will be Carlo David while the auditors are Marco Castioni and Paolo Palma.

A nice revenge for the Auronzana Federica Montinew deputy vice president, who did not give up after the scorching defeat eight years earlier.

“This election showed a movement that started from the grassroots”, comments Monti, for three more days president of the Belluno Fisi, “led by the provincial presidents and which has materialized”.

Monti was the most voted among the councilors, a sign of how the province of Belluno has lined up.

«I am happy that my work in the provincial Fisi has been appreciated for almost twenty years. Thank you for the excellent result, which also indicates the proximity of our ski clubs. There is a great desire for change, perhaps making some changes requested in a loud voice by the clubs ».

“I thank all those who believed in us and supported us,” he comments Roberto Visentin. “Sharing has been the engine of our project and will be the engine of our work in the coming years: we will continue to discuss and work with regional ski clubs and to strive to keep the name of Veneto high in the world of winter sports”.

Nicola Visentin and Roberto Bortoluzzi have instead chosen not to comment on the scorching result.

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