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Enlightenment from Japan’s World Cup defeat of Germany: Make high standards and high quality so exquisite Fortune Chinese Website

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Enlightenment from Japan’s World Cup defeat of Germany: Make high standards and high quality so exquisite Fortune Chinese Website

On November 23, at the World Cup in Qatar, the Japanese team defeated the mighty German team. The Japanese saying for this game is “borrow the eaves and lift the main house”.

Germany has always been the leader in world football. The German team has won 4 championships, second only to Brazil (5 times). Judging from the number of times they entered the top four, the German team surpassed the Brazilian team. Because it is too strong, there is even a classic saying: “Football is the last game won by the Germans.” The best result of the Japanese team was breaking into the top 16 in 2018. The revelation that the “disadvantaged” Japanese team can defeat the “strong” German team is:

First, keep up with the best in the world. Only by accumulating steps can you reach a thousand miles. The huge overseas army of Japanese football has laid the foundation for its success. In Japan’s 26-man roster, there are 19 players in Europe, and 8 of them play in the Bundesliga. Don Anru and Asano Takuma who contributed goals in the victory over the German team, midfielder Daichi Kamada and Endo Kou, double central defenders Yoshida Maya, Itakura Akira, and Tanaka Aoki who desperately pressed the opponent for most of the half-time , all from the Bundesliga. In addition to the 26 people standing at the top of the pyramid, the total number of Japanese players in Europe that can be checked so far has reached 451, and the number of players playing in mainstream European leagues has reached 60. There are 7 players in the second team, 4 players each in the Eredivisie and the Soviet Union, and there are Japanese players in European leagues at all levels such as the British Championship, West Second Division, French Second Division, and Swiss Super League. There are currently 8 professional football teams in Japan, and half of the players have played in Europe for a long time. Most of the world‘s super football teams are in Europe, and the top football clubs are also the most. There are three main advantages for excellent Japanese football players to participate in European leagues: first, Japanese players must exercise the same speed and physical fitness as European players; second, master the styles of play of various European teams and their languages; He has acquired excellent tactics and experience in Europe, and is also very familiar with the style of play of European teams.

Japan coach Hajime Moriyasu said of his Bundesliga players: “They’re fighting in a very strong, tough, prestigious league, so they’ve been building themselves up. So in this case, we believe those The league has been contributing to the development of Japanese players.” The inspiration from the Japanese team is that only by looking at the world can we know where to go, and only by challenging the world can we know how high our potential is. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese team does not have the slightest “bringing doctrine” to learn from the world‘s high-level. Getting something for nothing is a sign of weakness and stupidity, and it is incompatible with the Japanese team.

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Second, follow the rules. “The sky moves in four seasons without speaking, and all things come into being without speaking on the earth.” The law does not depend on human will. Football is a very fair sport. It can only respect the laws of sports, rely on expanding the number of participants, and improve the level through a large number of participation in high-level professional competitions. Everyone understands these simple truths, but it is easier to learn than to do. Those who really do it are qualified to enjoy the joy of defeating a powerful enemy. Only players who have accumulated enough and are capable of gaining a foothold in the high-level professional arena, and only by obtaining stable playing time in the high-level professional arena, can they approach or even cross the once insurmountable gap with the strong football teams. And this accumulation comes from the longer-term, more persistent, and more humble persistence of the Japanese team. Acting in a disciplined way, you can be patient and set up a long-term situation, take every step steadily, and go on without fear of difficulties.

Third, excellent logistics support. For example, regarding the food supply for the team, Nishiyoshi Teru, the chef of the Japanese football national team, has participated in the World Cup five times with the team, and has participated in more than a hundred games before and after. This is a hard job, every day you have to get up early in the morning to prepare materials, and you can’t rest until late at night. This year, in order to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar, Xi Fangzhao visited the local area in advance as early as September. In addition to confirming the kitchen equipment and use tests of the hotel where he stayed, he also had an in-depth understanding of the local dietary taboos. Pork is banned, so he decided to use chicken, beef or lamb to make pork curry, which the Japanese team likes to eat. It is worth mentioning that the Japanese football logistics support staff pay attention to the details to achieve the ultimate high quality, which is absolutely an indispensable element for success. Lu Yao knows the horsepower. Among all the teams, only the Japanese team’s logistics support is high-quality and proven.

Fourth, any alliance is “strong cooperation”. For example, sneakers are custom-made by the world‘s most famous sports shoe manufacturers. Asics has been developing sneakers for players since the 1998 World Cup in France, when the Japanese team played for the first time in the World Cup. ASICS is a Japanese brand and the most popular brand in Japan, North America and other countries. In the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, it became the first official sports shoe sponsor in the history of the Olympic Games. It is also the favorite of many international celebrities such as US Presidents Clinton and Obama. s brand. Atsushi Kaneda, the 32-year-old planning director of the ASICS sneaker development department, is in charge of the development of the Japanese team’s sneakers. His philosophy is that “soccer players’ sneakers should fit as if they are not wearing shoes.” The characteristics of Japanese feet are slightly flatter than those of Europeans and Americans, and the instep is higher. Jun Jintian said: “Using high-tech methods such as artificial intelligence and big data, it was developed specifically for Japanese feet after repeated measurements.” To realize the feeling of not wearing shoes required by athletes, it must be guaranteed that the feet will not conflict with any place when wearing shoes, and have the same feeling as being adsorbed on the feet. Jun Jintian and others changed the design several times after repeatedly consulting the athletes. Compared with the previous sneakers, the height of the instep part is lower, just like buckling the top of the foot, and by adding a concave design to the protruding part of the sole to reduce weight. The characteristics of players’ positions in the game formation were also taken into consideration when developing sneakers. For example, if a defender falls during a game, it may directly lead to loss of points. The stability of the sneakers must be considered. In addition to the resin studs, metal studs with strong grip are also used in the sole. In order to avoid the increase of weight, the metal studs are only set on the most powerful parts. The player commented: “Put on the sneakers, no matter what body position you use, you can control the ball as you want.”

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Fifth, high standards for intelligence work and analysis techniques. Objective analysis of game data is an essential part of today’s football. The 4 technical members accompanying the Japanese team are digging out all the data of the competitors without omission. These technical members will analyze the opponents in advance through historical videos and watching games. During the game, communicate the game situation to the coaching staff through the headset from the stands. After the game, collate the data and present it at the meeting to help draw lessons learned. The technical members hold video cameras, run around with the players of the opponent team, and take pictures of the characteristics of the opponent players into about 10 minutes of each player’s video. In addition to filming the game, he also filmed the actions of the opponent’s players during the training process, analyzed and found out the improvement points, and used his own strengths to attack the opponent’s weaknesses to defeat the enemy and win. The details determine success or failure. The philosophy of the technical members is that “the goal that determines the outcome is still produced with a difference of a few millimeters, and the details will directly determine this gap.” It is worth noting that the advantage of the Japanese team lies in the organizational ability, work level, and pragmatic spirit of the behind-the-scenes staff. It is precisely because of their hard work that the Japanese team can find a breakthrough to win by knowing themselves and the enemy.

Sixth, scientifically analyze the physical fitness of players and manage expectations. The health support of the Japanese team is the medical team. Orthopedic doctor Hiroshi Ikeda (60), who is the medical chairman of the Japan Football Association, said: “My task is to help athletes recover from fatigue and injuries and achieve the best results.” Ikeda served as the Japanese team doctor in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It can be said that he has experienced many battles. He improved the method of health management of the Japanese team based on the analysis results of past World Cups and Olympics. What became the key was the adjustment method introduced in the last World Cup in Russia. The fatigue level was scientifically analyzed based on the blood of the athletes and used for health management such as recuperation. . Ikeda said: “By objectively managing fatigue, we can grasp the subtle changes that athletes are not easy to feel.” This adjustment method is also introduced in this World Cup, trying to keep the players from accumulating fatigue and continue to fight at high intensity. There are also players in the team who have just participated in European leagues and other competitions before the World Cup, and attention to fatigue and injuries is indispensable. It has to be said that physical fitness has become the symbol of modern football, and individual strength has become the basis for winning. For example, the most painful thing for Japanese players to play in the German league is one-on-one confrontation. The awareness of waiting for reinforcements to compete for the ball is regarded as weakness and passing on responsibility in Germany. From this World Cup, we have seen the attitude of taking responsibility and paying attention to discipline in Japan and Germany and other teams.

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Seventh, good teamwork spirit. The 11 players on the field are a fighting team. They must not only focus on their duties, but also have the flexibility to work together. The goal is not “let me score goals”, but “let the team score goals”.

The Japanese team emphasizes sincere cooperation, craftsmanship, perseverance and teamwork. For example, this time, when Don Anryu scored the first goal of the German team, almost every member of the Japanese team participated in the attack smoothly, and finally sent the ball into the Germany goal. (Fortune Chinese website)

The author Wang Yanxing is a columnist of Fortune Chinese Network, a senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Renmin University of China, a former deputy secretary-general of the China Banking Association, and a consulting expert of the Internal Control Standards Committee of the Ministry of Finance.

This content is the independent opinion of the author and does not represent the position of Fortune Chinese.com. Without permission, shall not be reproduced.

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