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“Erren Zhuan” sings well, “one-legged show” is not good

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After losing 108-118 to the Shenzhen team last night, the Shanghai Jiushi Men’s Basketball Team completed the first phase of the league with a record of 10 wins and 3 losses. It should be said that the first stage was able to score 10 victories, and the Sharks completed the predetermined goal, but it also exposed the problem: Wang Zhelin and Franklin’s “Duo Zhuan” sang very well, but as long as one of them is not present, the other’s “single” “Footwork” is not working.

Illustrated:Wang Zhelin was injured and missed,
Franklin alone can hardly support Xinhua News Agency

This season, Shanghai Jiushi men’s basketball team has changed a lot. The “Shuanglin” combination of Wang Zhelin and Franklin is the main basis for the Sharks to achieve eight straight victories. Wang Zhelin was the main scorer in the Fujian team before, and his defensive performance was not outstanding. However, after coming to the Sharks, under Li Chunjiang’s training, his personal performance has been upgraded again. Yesterday, the CBA officially announced that Wang Zhelin was elected as the best player in the first season of the league. Good defensive player. As for the foreign aid Franklin, his personal abilities are very comprehensive and he is a well-known “triple double king” in CBA. He is different from other foreign players in that most of the time, he is the first to pass the ball, so he can organize the team’s offense well. The Sharks can rank first in the league in offensive power. He averaged 11.3 assists per game and ranked first in the league. Great contribution.

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Wang Zhelin and Franklin, one inside and one outside, supported the offense and defense of the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team. With these two as the core and foundation, supplemented by other players from the Sharks, the team can run smoothly in the game.

However, it is not enough to sing well on “Er Ren Zhuan”. Wang Zhelin was injured and missed last night, leaving only Franklin to play a “one-footed play”. As a result, the team encountered Waterloo. Without Wang Zhelin to attract firepower, the pressure on Franklin surged. Without Wang Zhelin, Franklin attacked and organized, and he also “cut off the power” in his personal offensive. In the last quarter of the game, he only scored 4 points, and the Shanghai team was eventually reversed by Shenzhen with a 28-4 scoring climax. In the game, Franklin made only 5 of 20 shots and made 0 of 9 3-pointers. The last time he made 0 of 9 3-pointers, the Sharks also suffered a tragic reversal.

This season, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball team’s defense was not bad, averaging less than 95 points per game, but in the only game without Wang Zhelin, it lost 118 points. The good news is that after the second stage of the league, the second foreign aid Feng Lai of the Sharks should be in place. By then, this inside titan should be able to become Wang Zhelin’s assured substitute to ensure that the Sharks’ inside defense no longer appears big. Loopholes. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Li Yuanchun)

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