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Esteban Andrada insults Nahuel Guzmán for using a laser

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Esteban Andrada insults Nahuel Guzmán for using a laser

Tigres goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán faces backlash from opposing player Esteban Andrada after ‘nahueleada’ incident

In a recent match between Tigres and Monterrey, goalkeeper Nahuel Guzmán found himself in hot water after allegedly using a laser to distract opposing player Esteban Andrada. The incident occurred during Clásico Regio 135, where Andrada complained of being bothered by the laser pointed directly at him.

Security at BBVA Stadium intervened and removed Guzmán from the box, but the goalkeeper did not remain in the locker room area. As a result, Rayados will take official action against him. The team has gathered enough evidence to present a report to the Disciplinary Commission in order to determine the appropriate punishment for Guzmán’s actions.

Following the incident, Andrada took to his social media to express his frustration with Guzmán’s behavior. In a post on Instagram, he reposted a video of the incident and captioned it with the phrase “puto cagón,” sparking further controversy between the two players.

The Clásico Regio 135 ended in a 3-3 draw, but the aftermath of the match has left a sour taste in the mouths of both teams. As the investigation unfolds, fans await to see what consequences Guzmán will face for his actions on the field.

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