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Estonian Jurkatamm in place of Casarin who marries in Verona

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Tonight will most likely be Davide Casarin’s last Nutribullet match. It is now only a matter of time to formalize the separation between TvB and the son of art, an already written end of a relationship that never took off. After all, Casarin jr., Who arrived in the Marca last summer on a two-year loan from Reyer, of which his father Federico is president, has never managed to truly immerse himself in the new environment.

Perhaps due to the tactical differences with respect to the model he was used to or the impossibility of placing himself in a specific role (he is not a play or a guard), there was no feeling between the product of the lagoon youth and the Treviso environment, as testified by the bare figures – 2.3 points in 12.5 minutes on average in the league, with 28.6% from 3, a high of 15 points in Milan in the Super Cup – but even more so from the free fall minutes. In the latest team outings, Casarin had totaled 4 minutes in the overtime defeat in Brindisi while he had not got up from the bench during the very heavy home knockout with Brescia on 27 December last: clear signs of a rejection already issued by coach Menetti. Davide Casarin’s competitive career will therefore continue in Verona, in A2, where he will have to carve out a space in the rotations of a still demanding technician such as Alessandro Ramagli within a rather equipped team in the outdoor park.

Instead of the former Reyer at Nutribullet will come Mikk Jurkatamm, an Estonian player born in 2000 who grew up in the thriving nursery of Virtus Bologna and therefore has the precious Italian sports training. Leaving the Alma Mater of Bologna just of age, Jurkatamm played for two years in Ravenna offering good performances in the first year under coach Andrea Mazzon and instead encountering some difficulties in the system of his successor Massimo Cancellieri. Last season the new-from Treviso was in Cento, also in A2, providing an average contribution of 6.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per evening to the Tramec cause. Jurkatamm, whose arrival is expected in the next few days, was busy with the formation of TalTech, fourth in the Estonian-Latvian mixed championship, in whose ranks he was producing 14.8 points per game (34.6% from the arc) and from which he freed himself for sign a contract valid until the end of the season with Treviso Basket. –

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