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Euroleague, Milan-Fenerbahe: second consecutive defeat at the Forum for Olimpia

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Euroleague, Milan-Fenerbahe: second consecutive defeat at the Forum for Olimpia

For the team from Messina it is the sixth consecutive defeat in the Euroleague, Mitrou-Long’s 18 points are not enough

The feat fails for AX Milano who gives in to the Forum against Fenerbahce, 72-82. After an excellent first quarter, Olimpia, who also lost Pangos in the third period, suffered the great evening of Hayes-Davis triggered by the Calathes-Guduric tandem. The flashes of Luwawu-Cabarrot, Hall and Mitrou-Long are not enough for the Italian champions.

he matches

Angry departure from Milan that opens with a triple from Pangos, the second foul by Hall forces coach Ettore Messina to make the first substitution, 3-2. Wilbekin warms up the engines but the AX holds both technically and emotionally, 4-5. The defense of the Italian champions forces the Turks into several turnovers, Luwawu-Cabarrot catches fire who shoots five points for the first red and white mini break, 11-5. Melli’s work is also valuable, glue on both sides of the pitch, coach Itoudis looks for new blood from the bench but Olimpia is still in command of operations after Mitrou-Long’s 8-metre triple, 16-10. Milanese amusement park to which Alviti is added, the AX flies away and runs away to plus 9, a three-point play by Jekiri sets the 21-15 at the end of the first quarter. AX fiercely defending the accumulated edge, Mitrou-Long is in a state of grace, 31-19 after Hall’s triple. Melli is exalted with sumptuous defense and crushed on the counterattack, the Milan of the first 15 minutes is a scream, 35-19. Fenerbahce blaze led by Booker and Calathes, two strikes by Wilbekin bring the yellow and blues within 5 at the interval, 37-32.

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the recovery

After the long break, third penalty for Booker thanks to the usual tricks of a great Melli, however the Turks find rhythm in attack, overtaking Hayes-Davis, 39-40. Without fear Milan holds up to the yellow-blue shoulder, moving Mitrou-Long who takes the attack of the Italian champions on his shoulders, 46-48. Two unusual errors by Calathes are not punished by the AX, Turkey with maximum advantage after Guduric’s corner basket, 46-53. Coach Ettore Messina’s men slip to minus 10, guests ahead 48-58 at the penultimate siren. Never tames Olimpia who lights up the Forum thanks to the complicity of Booker, a technical foul on Hall’s three-point shot, the former Bamberg collects and brings Milan within 9, 55-64. The AX puts pride and heart, Melli is the symbol of the attempted comeback in an evening in which even Pangos has to forfeit, 59-68. Hayes-Davis is a hammer, Motley provides substance but the Milanese still have the energy to stay in the race, 68-77. Mitrou-Long’s turnover signals surrender, MVP Hayes-Davis’s two free throws seal the match, 68-81.

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