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Europa League: Sarri on the eve of the Sturm Graz-Lazio match

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Europa League: Sarri on the eve of the Sturm Graz-Lazio match

The biancoceleste coach on the eve of the match against Sturm: “Europe does not forgive, woe to make a mistake in approach”. And he thinks of a mini turnover

From our correspondent Stefano Cieri

Lazio returns to appear in the Europa League and it is inevitable to go back three weeks, to the unfortunate evening experienced by the biancoceleste team in the land of Denmark, in the last match played in the cup. It ended 5-1 for Midtjylland with Sarri’s team dominated far and wide by the opposing team. “It was the only game we missed in this start of the season – Sarri points out -, it must serve as a warning. In Europe you cannot afford to take your commitments lightly, otherwise you will be punished and even heavily. We after the victory on Feyenoord unconsciously thought that the Europa League group would be downhill and we made a mistake with Midtjylland. We didn’t play as we should have. Now we have to fix it. ” The opportunity is offered by tomorrow night’s match in Graz against Sturm, who have the same points in the standings as Lazio (and also the other two teams in the group: they are all at 3). “He is an opponent who has a lot of intensity, it will be a tough match”, warns Sarri.

But what a scudetto

If in the cup so far Lazio’s path has been fluctuating, in the league things are going quite well, to the point that someone has even hypothesized that the biancoceleste team could enter the fight for the Scudetto. A prediction that Sarri immediately returns to the sender: “We are playing well – admits Sarri – and I am happy with the performance of my players. But what is said outside should not interest us in the least. The biggest mistake my players can make is to believe We are at the beginning of a journey, we still have a long way to go to be able to aspire to certain goals. And at the moment we are not able to be competitive on three fronts. I hope we can be competitive in the coming months, otherwise history becomes too long … “. The coach seems willing to make a minimum of turnover. Milinkovic, Lazzari and Romagnoli should initially rest and perhaps even Zaccagni. All ready, however, to give their contribution to the game in progress.

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