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European Athletics: Ponzio 4th and Fabbri 7th in weight, three triplists in the final

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European Athletics: Ponzio 4th and Fabbri 7th in weight, three triplists in the final

Nick, 28 cm from the podium, equals the best blue result ever in the specialty (by Andrei), Leo relaunches. Dario second after five tests. Ihemeje, Dallavalle and Bocchi promoted to the platform, like Arese in the 1500s

by our correspondent Andrea Buongiovanni


Italy closes the first day of Munich 2022 with a balance sheet of four finalists (i.e. placed among the top eight), five other athletes admitted to the respective last act (to twelve), nine promoted among the eighteen who played qualifiers and … one big dream like that.

Nick & Leo

After the fifth places in the marathon of the men’s team and Giovanna Epis in the morning, here is the show of the weight throwers in the evening. Even Noah Lyles, the American champion of the 200, spectator in the stands, must have enjoyed himself. The tricolor one ends with a little bitterness in the mouth, because Nick Ponzio, with 20.98, closes fourth (28 centimeters from the podium) and Leo Fabbri, with the season of 20.72, is seventh. The medals go to the neck of the Croatian Mihaljevic (21.88), the Serbian Sinancevic (21.39) and the Czech Stenek (21.26). Ponzio, a 27-year-old American paisa – a character if there is one, in the national team for just over a year – remains in contention for the coup until the end. But he has to be satisfied. His series is very regular: 20.55, 20.96, 20.78, 20.55, 20.98, 20.66. Ironically, Fabbri may be more satisfied. And he demonstrates it on the platform. The result of the Florentine, in fact, comes after two difficult seasons and represents a real relaunch. A null, a 20.01, a 19.91, another null, a 20.43 and the final 20.72 in his growing race. For the couple trained by Paolo Dal Soglio, awaiting the return of the injured Zane Weir, it is a small consecration. Meanwhile, Ponzio’s placement equals the best in Italy in 23 editions of the event (the first in 1934): the Olympic champion Alessandro Andrei was in turn fourth in Stuttgart 1986.

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The dream

If he’s dreaming, don’t wake him up: Dario Dester, at the halfway point of the decathlon, is sensationally second. The 22-year-old carabiniere from Cremona, after five tests, one more beautiful than the other, with 4327 points is preceded only by the phenomenal Swiss Simon Ehammer (4661), capable – just to say – of 10 ”56 in the 100 and even 8.31 in long. The blue is 10 “81 / + 0.7 in the 100 (third), 7.46 / + 0.3 in the long (third), 14.56 in the weight (tenth), outdoor staff improved by 58 centimeters, 2.02 at the top (tenth) after something like 17 jumps and 47 ”90 in the 400 (sixth). Behind the blue the Norwegian Skotheim follows by just three points. But the Estonian Oiglane is at 119 and the Pole Wiesiolek at 122. Thrilling.


Two other (female) titles awarded in the evening. In the 10,000, the 25-year-old Turkish / Kenyan Yasemin Can prevails, already the author of a double with the 5000 in Amsterdam 2016 and on the breach for a couple of seasons before: with a prestigious 30’32 “57 she beats the tireless daughter of British art Eilish McColgan (30’41 ”05), in the last month also protagonist at the Eugene World Championships and at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and the Israeli / Kenyan Lonah Salpeter (30’46’37”, national record). The weight is instead of the Dutch Jessica Schilder who, with 20.24, precedes the Portuguese Auriol Dongmo (19.82) and the compatriot Jorinde Van Klinken (18.94).

In the final

After the same Ponzio and Fabbri, who together with the aster Roberta Bruni had centered the qualification in the morning, also Pietro Arese, in the 1500s and the “Fantastic Three” Emmanuel Ihemeje, Andrea Dallavalle and Tobia Bocchi, in the triple, advance to their respective finals (a twelve). The 22-year-old middle-distance runner from Varese, a pupil of Silvano Danzi, runs with great authority and in the excited final sprint he is not surprised: only the Polish Rozmys precedes him (by 59/100). But his 3’37 ”95, 72/100 from the staff, is worth the second time of the day. Even better than that of Jakob Ingebrigtsen who, walking after being detached from the group of 20 meters, still wins the first battery in 3’38 ”48, in which Ossama Meslek is disqualified who, at the bell, commits an incorrectness. See you on Thursday.

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Three blues in the European triple final: in the glorious national history of the specialty this had never happened. On Wednesday evening, Ihemeje, Dallavalle and Bocchi will play heavy cards. Because the promotion comes respectively with the second size of the lot (17.20 / + 0.9), the fourth (16.83 / -1.3) and the seventh (16.55 / -2.6 after the attempt, at first, was measured at 16.84) . In an evening that is difficult to interpret, because it is conditioned by a strong irregular wind, the best is the Olympic champion and world champion, the Portuguese Pichardo who, in tights, lands at 17.36 (+1.2). In the middle of the tricolor tricolor is then the French Pontvianne, third with 16.96 (-2.5). But in short: even in the light of the fourth and fifth squares of Dallavalle and Ihemeje at the World Championships in Eugene last month, dreaming is not forbidden.


Three out of six blues make it to the semi-finals of the 400. Among the men, with nine athletes already admitted, it is Davide Re, above all, who impresses positively: the financier runs strong, but effectively and after the world disappointments, he wins his own heats (the second of four) printing a nice 45 ”26 (the same time as the Swiss Ricky Petrucciani, his training partner in Zurich, preceded by 7/1000): the best time of the day is worth. Edo Scotti is 45 ”87 (3rd in the battery and 12th in total), Lorenzo Benati 46” 26 (5th and 22nd and eliminated). Among the women (12 promoted ex officio), with 51 “92, Alice Mangione advances (5th in the battery with the 8th overall time), not Anna Polinari with 52” 60 (4th and 13th, before the excluded at 8 / 100 from the goal) and Virginia Troiani with 52 ”83 (4th and 17th).

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Red disk

Finally, nothing to do on the record for Stefania Strumillo (56.90, 13a and first eliminated 14 cm from the promotion) and for a Daisy Osakue below expectations (56.54, 16th).

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