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European basketball: the final is France Spain, Scariolo chases the fourth title

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European basketball: the final is France Spain, Scariolo chases the fourth title

The Spaniards overtake Germany in a throbbing and tight match. Decisive Brown (29 points and 6 assists). Sunday evening they will challenge the transalpines for the trophy. The Italian coach on the hunt for a legendary poker: it would be the fourth success in the last 6 editions

France is the first European finalist. At 20.30 Germany-Spain to decree the other challenger for the title. The final is scheduled for Sunday evening, at 8.30 pm, again at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin.

Fourth European final for France who on Sunday will try to sew gold as in 2013. That is the only success of the transalpines, in Slovenia, in the sign of the legend Tony Parker. Two of that winning expedition are left: Real Madrid’s playmaker Heurtel and coach Collet, but this is above all the France of the Mastiff Gobert and Fournier, leaders of a physical and talented group in every sector. Poland eats it above all Yabusele, another jewel of Real Madrid, one of the many arrows of a team that when it defends as it knows can crush anyone. Especially a Poland seems to have lost the magic touch already at the tap-off. With Slovenia he had scored 29 in a quarter, against the French wall they are 18 at half-time. Put like this there can be no match. The semifinal quickly slips into the hands of the Gobert army, too much more physical and organized. The continuous doublings on Slaughter and Ponitka are enough to bring them back to earth, thus taking away from the Poles the first essential tips to hold up the comparison. France proceeds by inertia, without special effects in attack, with even 7 lost in the first 10 minutes, but supported by an impervious defense. At 10 ‘France ahead 15-9, when Gobert signs the +13 Poland blasts an ungrateful 3/16 shooting, which at the interval becomes 7/30, in short, he never puts it. France goes to drink tea on 34-18, in full control, with the longs who make the difference in defense as well as in attack, the eternal Heurtel always on the piece and a Fournier who does not show desire for protagonism also because they are not needed. Then, for those who want the show, it is better to come back later: at 20.30 there is Germany-Spain, hoping for a more savory menu, also because it takes little. Meanwhile, the recovery becomes pure academy. France closes the third period on +28, also touching +29 with the magic of Yabusele. Collet rests Gobert and Fournier. Poland just has to avoid embarrassing detachments. But it is only a utopia. It ends many to few.

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Poland: Slaughter e Michalak 9, Ponitka 7.

France: Yabusele 22, Fournier e Okobo 10.

Infinite Spain. Emblem of a school that seems inexhaustible. And extraordinary Sergio Scariolo who is now chasing his fourth success in the last 6 editions. Germany is delusional about Caliph Schroder’s 30 points and 8 assists, but the Spaniards go to challenge France. Scariolo, one step away from the myth, owes yet another final to perhaps the most discussed player: the naturalized Lorenzo Brown. The new player from Maccabi wins the challenge with Schroder at a distance, putting the signature on the key plays and closing with 29 points and 6 assists. Another pathos in the second semifinal. This is a real, throbbing, spectacular game. Spain is not intimidated by the overcrowded Mercedes Benz arena and offers impeccable reading in attack: 14/19 shooting, 10/12 from below and first quarter closed ahead 27-24. The guys from Scariolo then fly to +9 but here the script is completely upset. Germany places a big 18-4 and overturns the match. Thanks to the almighty Schroder (19 points and 5 assists at half time), Weiler-Babb and, above all, Andreas Obst. The Bayern Munich winger threw three leg-splitting triples, fueling Germany’s open-field play that put the Spaniards in the corner. Opening the field is the key to overtaking with the Germans going to the break ahead 51-46 thanks to a partial, in the second quarter, of 27-19. The 8 offensive rebounds that allow lethal second shots are also decisive for Germany. Spain, after an impeccable start, are serving 9 turnovers, too many with this onfire Germany. But early sentences are not part of this magical script. The German +9 is canceled by a powerful shot of the kidneys of Scariolo’s team: break of 15-2 with the triples of Brown, Willy Hernangomez and the gusts of the red Diaz, veteran of Unicaja Malaga. Spain ahead of 4 (61-57), but beyond there is the man who lives on other planets: Schroder’s reaction is a hymn to talent. The German overturns the inertia of the match by setting up on his own and raising the pace dramatically. The run and pull exalts Germany who places a counterpart of 14-0 and closes the third siren ahead 71-65 (Schroder already at 28 points). Whose winning shot will it be? Because with 6 ‘from the end the balance is total: 77 even with Juancho Hernangomez’s triple. Then only one man in charge: Lorenzo Brown. The play of Scariolo signs all the winning possessions in a very tight finish. Germany’s latest blow is proud but useless. The final is Spain-France, as in 2011.

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Germania: Schroder 30, Obst and Wagner 15.

Spain: Brown 29, W. Hernangomez 16, J Hernangomez 16.

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