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European Cup-Pandev scores Reiner’s contribution to Austria halftime 1-1 North Macedonia_Sabi

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Original title: European Cup-Pandev scores Reiner’s contribution to Austria halftime 1-1 North Macedonia

At 0:00 on June 14th, Beijing time, the first round of Group C of the European Cup group stage kicked off. Austria played against the European Cup newcomers North Macedonia. In the 17th minute, Sabitzer’s exquisite diagonal long pass assisted Reiner to score. In the 28th minute, Austria Playing with fire in the backcourt, Pandev succeeded, and the final half of the game ended, and the two teams shook hands temporarily 1-1.

Both teams in this game are eager to achieve a zero breakthrough in the current European Cup. Austria has participated in the past 4 European Cups for 3 times, but in fact the team history has not yet won the first European Cup history, and North Macedonia is the team. History participated in the European Cup for the first time, and the 37-year-old Pandev played in the European Cup for the first time in his career. The two teams have fought twice in history, both in the past two years, and Austria has won one of them.

Both sides played extremely cautiously 10 minutes before the opening, neither team had a chance to shoot, and the scene was extremely dull.

In the 13th minute, Hintrege sent a long pass near the arc of the middle circle. Lenar from the middle of the penalty zone headered the goal. Unfortunately, he was too light. The ball was saved by Dimitlevsky. This was also the match between the two sides. The first kick hits the door.

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In the 16th minute, Wilkowski knocked over Sabitzer in defense. In a subsequent confrontation, Sabitzer, who was kicked out of anger, rudely knocked down Bardi, which caused a conflict between the two sides.

In the 17th minute, Sabice sent a delicately oblique foot from the left side of the frontcourt to the penalty area. Reiner inserted the right side of the small penalty area to hit the goal, and the ball went straight into the far corner! The score becomes 1-0!

After scoring the goal, Reiner picked up the commemorative T-shirt he had prepared and prayed for Eriksson, who had been in shock during the previous game.

In the 21st minute, Austria continued to use the left to attack, Schrager made a long pass from the left, and the high center Karadzic, who was at the front of the penalty area, shot from close range and was saved by the goalkeeper.

In the 28th minute, Austria made a series of outrageous mistakes in the backcourt. Defender Arioski hit the head of Sabitzer to rebound from the penalty area when he cleared the siege. The goalkeeper Bachmann collided with Alaba who returned to the defense, but the ball was caught up. Pandev rushed to the spot, the 37-year-old veteran smiled at the empty goal and easily pushed the goal! The score becomes 1-1!

It is worth mentioning that this is also North Macedonia’s first kick in this game…

In the 36th minute, North Macedonia’s offensive desire to tie the score was significantly enhanced. The North Macedonian midfielder Baldi, who played for Levante, directly shot a long shot from a far outside of the penalty area. This kick is not a chance. Ended with anti-aircraft guns.

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In the 42nd minute, Trakoivski, a North Macedonian player, knocked Dragovic in a defense. The slow motion showed that he had an elbow, and the referee showed him a yellow card.

In the 44th minute, Lena made a 45-degree cross from the right side of the front court to the depths of the penalty area. The defender rushed to clear the ball in front of Karadzic.

At the end of the half game, the two teams temporarily drew with a score of 1-1. In the first half, they only completed 6 shots in total. The quality of the game was relatively average.

List of competitions of both sides:

Austria (442): 13-Bachmann/2-Ulmer, 4-Hintregg, 3-Dragovic, 21-Reiner/8-Alaba, 23-Schrager, 24-Lai Moore, 19-Baumgartner/9-Sabitzer, 25-Karadzic

North Macedonia starter (532): 1-Dimitlevsky/16-Nikolov, 3-Ristovsky, 14-Verkowski, 6-Musliu, 8-Ali Orski/17-Bardi, 21-Elmas, 5-Admi/9-Trakoivsky, 10-PandevReturn to Sohu to see more


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