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Every body: Casey adapts well at Barcelona, ​​he believes he can play an important role – yqqlm

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Every body: Casey adapts well at Barcelona, ​​he believes he can play an important role – yqqlm

Original title: Every body: Casey adapts well at Barcelona and believes he can play an important role

Every body: Casey adapts well at Barcelona and believes he can play an important role

Live it, September 8. According to the “Daily Sports Daily” report, Barcelona’s new aid Casey scored his first goal for Barcelona in the first round of the Champions League. He is currently confident and has adapted well to the team and the local area. life.

A good meal is not afraid of being late. Casey did not usher in his first start until his fifth official game after joining. He has also become the protagonist of Barcelona on the field, and has shown his strengths. Just 13 minutes after he played, he scored his first goal for Barcelona.

In addition to the good news of the first goal, Casey also showed an excellent performance, while gradually returning to the rhythm of the game. This is undoubtedly good news for the next intensive schedule. Harvey knows he needs every player to be plug-and-play, and he knows that Casey can make a difference. Casey’s traits can be very useful against certain opponents, as well as many times over the course of the season.

To be sure, in the first few months of joining, Casey has adapted well. Although he had to learn the language from scratch and had never played in the Spanish league, Casey integrated quite well in the locker room. He is a simple and kind person who is constantly absorbing knowledge like a sponge in the process of learning, and is very willing to pursue progress and growth. Casey has a lot of respect for Xavi, not just for the manager but for him as a club legend. Plus, he’s in the same position on the court now as Xavi was in his time as a player (though the two obviously play different roles).

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According to a person close to Casey who told the Daily Sports, Casey began to study Spanish hard as soon as he arrived in Spain, and made rapid progress. “Daily Sports Daily” believes that in the next few weeks, Casey may not be able to interview in Spanish throughout, but he will slowly let go. At AC Milan, it took him less than a year to master and fully understand Italian. There is no doubt that with such a foundation, it is necessary to learn Spanish, which has many similarities with Italian. For him is very easy.

In addition, Yaya Toure also played an important role in Casey’s adjustment to Barcelona and life in Barcelona City. Yaya Toure and Casey are privately good friends, and he has a lot of praise for Casey and gives him a lot of advice. In addition, Casey’s compatriot, former Sevilla and Espanyol player Romaric also once lived in the city of Barcelona.

In terms of athleticism and dominance on the field, it was not easy for a player like Casey who used to do everything on the field. At Milan, he was the core of the team, a heavyweight in the dressing room and an irreplaceable member of Pioli’s team. His best season was last season when he made 39 appearances and scored seven goals as Milan won the Scudetto. His dedication is rivaled by the elite of world football. This eventually allowed Xavi and Barcelona to snare him.

In Barcelona’s first four games, Casey really didn’t make much of a difference. He played just 18 minutes against Vallecano, five against Real Sociedad, 14 against Valladolid and none against Sevilla. However, in Casey’s Champions League debut for Barcelona, ​​his efforts finally paid off.

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According to the information obtained by the “Daily Sports Daily”, although there are not many appearances, Casey still maintains his beliefs. He respects Xavi’s decision and is well aware that the game is done collectively and that he needs to put the collective’s interests ahead of his own. Casey enjoys life in Barcelona and the atmosphere at the club and on the pitch. He has full confidence in the club’s plans and believes that he can do something important.

Also, in the win against Bilsen, Casey realized that the season was long and he still had a chance. Champions League, League, Copa del Rey… Also, it’s important to note that he won’t be in the World Cup and he’s younger than many of his teammates. This year has been a pivotal one for Casey, and he also believes that, sooner or later, he will become an important member of Harvey’s men.

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