Home Sports Everyone wants Bellingham, Real and Liverpool to work. Al Khelaifi: “Who wouldn’t take it?”

Everyone wants Bellingham, Real and Liverpool to work. Al Khelaifi: “Who wouldn’t take it?”

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Everyone wants Bellingham, Real and Liverpool to work.  Al Khelaifi: “Who wouldn’t take it?”

The midfielder of England and Dortmund on the notebook of the biggest clubs in Europe. It should start next summer

Hey Jude.” Yet it had to be “Jules”. Paul McCartney had written it in 1968 for John Lennon’s son Julian, then changing the name in the text and title for phonetic reasons. Enough, for lovers of coincidences, to notice a premonitory sign of the possible arrival of Jude Bellingham in Liverpool, the city where the myth of the Beatles was born. The English midfielder is one of the names that could move the transfer market, probably more for next season than for the upcoming winter session.

Borussia Dortmund, as usual, is a passing stage. It allows young champions to appear in an important championship and to breathe the air of European nights without ambition and pressure. For this reason, it is legitimate to imagine that with such a court, Bellingham’s future is far from Germany.


The Reds have already moved and at present they are ahead of all. They had the first approaches with the player’s entourage and family, receiving positive responses. The return to England and the presence of Jurgen Klopp are two very important factors in the decision-making process. He could therefore be the big hit for Liverpool next year. But the conditional is a must, when the competition is made up of two giants of European football. Real Madrid, to begin with, is among the suitors. The strategy of the Spaniards adopted in recent years highlights the intention not to wait for the farewell of Modric and Kroos to proceed with the renewal of the department. In fact, the arrivals of Tchouaméni and Camavinga, respectively 22 and 20 years old, fit into this scenario. Bellingham has 19 and is already ahead of the other talents. Since last June he has been a staple of the senior England national team with whom he has already collected 21 appearances and thanks to the goal against Iran he also became the first World Cup goalscorer born after 2000. The skill and ability with which he plays the two phases I’m a veteran of the game and he further distinguished himself in Qatar.

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Faced with such a player, the thought of Nasser Al-Khelaifi becomes shareable, who candidly said a few days ago in an interview granted to Sky News UK that “everyone wants it, I’m not going to hide it”. The endorsement of the president of Paris Saint-Germain was so important, therefore, that the French club was also included among the teams that could move in the coming months. “Bellingham is an extraordinary player. To be honest, England are lucky to have him – he’s one of the best players in the tournament. He is incredible, at his first World Cup he is calm, relaxed and confident. He’s in his club and I respect that: if we want to talk to him, we’ll have to talk to Borussia Dortmund first,” he explained. The BVB, in short, prepare to lose it.

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